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Encouraging Activity On Your Facebook 3

Strategies For Your Facebook Page

Some businesses create their Facebook Pages and think their job is done.  The truth is… it’s just beginning!

But your page will never get off the ground unless you initiate and encourage interaction between yourself (or your official Admin) and those who visit and post.

The 21 Facebook Strategies Continued

13. Don’t be too commercial or cold! People use Facebook for social connection and entertainment. If your Page or Page posts come across as too commercial or impersonal – or worse, reads like an advertisement – you’ll not only put readers off and possibly annoy them, you’ll actively discourage or kill all chance at interaction. For example, this post, below, may say something important, but it reads like a government pamphlet and leaves zero motivation for commenting.

14-facebook mediaplanet

14. Use polls. People love to give their opinion. As long as your main question isn’t too bland or generic, and you haven’t given your audience members too many choices, you stand a higher-than-average chance of gaining some interaction.


15. Give your page personality. You want people to feel like your post is coming from a friend – not some official announcement machine. And that your voice is real. This animal rescue page does it by starting off with a heartfelt question, adding a personal note to a heart-rending but all-too-common rescue posters-with-statistics.


(And note that the post resulted in adoption – how’s that for success!)

16. Pay attention to your followers. Here’s one celebrity that pays as much attention to his feedback as his fans pay to him. Here, he features a fan photo, reaps 2,827 comments on this one post and, incidentally, has now topped 3 million followers.


17. Give your followers a delicious, unexpected deal sometimes. Here, mystery author Lisa Scottoline lets readers know that an earlier novel is on sale for .99 cents at Amazon (and makes some sales).


18. Don’t shy away from controversial posts. You should never, ever post strictly to cash in on shock value – but featuring a controversial question or link can really increase engagement. One rule of thumb, however: Don’t post solely to vent your feelings – post because you think it’s something everyone should care about (or at least, your fans).


19. Acknowledge your commenters whenever possible. People like to feel important. (And notice that even though this is a company Page, the respondent answers as a person – “Nicole”.)

20-acknowledge facebook

20. Don’t automate posts. You can preschedule in emergencies – such as, you’re going to be away for four days – but just remember that even the best pre-scheduled post can result in a drop in engagement if (a) it feels out of context (b) it feels impersonal or “canned” and (c) you’re not there to answer or acknowledge

21. Wake your readers up! Spectacular or unusual photos are a great way to do this.

21-vibrating-cat only on facebook

And now that your eyeballs are vibrating and your mind is awake, off you go and increase your Facebook Page’s interactivity quotient!

Facebook Stragies Conclusion

I think you will agree that these are some very good suggestions for strategies to use for your page, and they should generate interest in your page on the site.

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