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How To Increase Your Facebook Likes

16 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Likes

Facebook “Likes” are more than a popularity poll:  They are a measure of interaction and views.  They also qualify you for Facebook Insights, Facebook’s own metrics toolkit.

In short, “Likes” help you see where you’re on track with your fans and followers – and when your posts leave them cold.

Easy Ways To Increase Your Likes On Facebook

1.     “Like” posts, photos and pages offsite from Facebook.  Ever landed on a story and wanted to share it?  Of course you have.  Chances are you hit the “Like” or Facebook “Share” button…


When you do this, a link to your like (plus thumbnail photo) will either appear on your Timeline or in your news feed – or in both!

Not only that, but your name and Facebook profile photo may be displayed.  Your name may also appear in ads or social plugins off Facebook.

Plus there’s the element of reciprocity:  When you “Like” others, they often return the favor!

2.    Put a “Like” button on your own website and in posts.  Want to add a “Like button to your own website?  There have been changes with this function to, so head on over to Facebook Developers to get complete instructions.


3.    Take out an ad!  This is the quickest way to bring your Page to your target demographic’s attention – and gather those all-important Likes.  And you can create your ad from right within your Facebook Page.


Just make sure you specify your ad goal as gathering Likes.

To get started quickly, just follow the prompts from Facebook’s Help section.


4.    Be proactive. Let your followers know about Facebook changes affecting your feed display. Some people won’t notice when your feeds suddenly disappear:  Others will miss them and feel frustrated they’re not appearing – but probably not really give this change much thought.

Human nature almost always follows the path of least resistance, so realize you need to spell things out to your followers, as well as prompt them to take action.


Tell them how to circumvent harmful changes by keeping on top of these yourself.

And you may even find your “Likes” going into overdrive as your followers respond indignantly to being manipulated by unwanted changes.

Growing Your Facebook Likes Summary

In this post we covered four of the sixteen methods of getting more Facebook likes, including putting a like button on your page, liking photos and other items on Facebook, take outan ad, and finally being proactive.

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