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How To Increase Your Facebook Likes 3

16 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Likes

Facebook “Likes” are more than a popularity poll:  They are a measure of interaction and views.  They also qualify you for Facebook Insights, Facebook’s own metrics toolkit.

In short, “Likes” help you see where you’re on track with your fans and followers – and when your posts leave them cold.

Easy Ways To Increase Your Likes On Facebook Continued

10. Post at the same time every day. This will help increase engagement – and increasing engagement means more “Likes”. (The key, however, is to take time to find out when the biggest segment of your sharing audience is also online.)

11. Use free graphics editing tools such as PicMonkey to create photos and infographics people will instantly “Like”.
(You can even add text commands to “Like” your photo, if that doesn’t feel inappropriate.)

10-picmonkey use on Facebook

12. Share and “Like” other peoples’ blog posts. (They’ll be much more inclined to return the favor.)
13. Post regularly! If you don’t take the time to do this, you won’t build up a following.
Without a following, there are no shares and no “Likes”.
In fact, you become invisible – even when you make your sporadic, hit-and-miss post!
14. Limit your posts to 3 lines or less. Did you know that Facebook Best Practices actually recommends a “sweet spot” that seems to generate more likes?


15. Make sure your Facebook Page is a rich source of high-quality photographs. Remember that photographs do reap the highest position in Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm scores – significantly beating out even videos in a recent HubSpot survey.
A higher Edgerank score means wider distribution.
Wider distribution means more “Likes”.
HubSpot summarized its data showing that photographs result in 53% more likes thus…

13-Facebook likes-statistics

If you want interaction through comments, ask questions: If you want “Likes” and shares, post photographs.
Especially dazzling ones.

15-dazzling photos

16. Ask for the “Like”. Don’t violate any guidelines, but whenever you can – in whatever type of post (blog, ad or Timeline feed) — remember simply to ask!

Growing Your Facebook Likes Conclusion

It is evident from the points mentioned in the latest posts that you should not be bashful, ask for likes, have dazzling photographs or videos, post regularly, and give your likes to other people’s pages.  I hope these 16 tips will help you obtain more “likes” for your Facebook page.

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