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YouTube Channel Set Up

How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel

If you’re committed to growing your online business, you have to have a visible presence – and offerings to choose from – on YouTube. You can integrate your YouTube videos with your website, blog and all your other social networks. And what YouTube does is act as a gigantic boost powder to all these other arenas you engage in, on the net. So you simply cannot choose to ignore it.

Getting Started With YouTube

The good news is, for those who are camera shy or technologically-challenged:

• A YouTube account – and your own Channel – is easy to set up
• It’s free
• You can start small
• You don’t need special equipment
• You don’t even need to appear in front of the camera

Once you’ve set up your YouTube account, it’s time to set up your own dedicated Channel. Think of this exactly like a TV channel. You get to produce your own shows. You get to decide what other shows to feature. And you can make that Channel anything you want to be.

Step 1. Your YouTube Goals
Before rushing into creation, take the time to think about your Channel.

• What do you want your YouTube channel to do for your viewers?
• Who are your viewers? Why will they watch your videos?
• What sort of videos do you want to create?
• What skills or experience can you share?
• What would you like to teach or demonstrate?
• What do you want your viewers to take away?
• How big a proportion of your offerings would you like your YouTube channel to provide? 2%? 15%? 25% More?
• How “professional” do you want it to be? A mini-network, populated with multiple series episodes or the occasional helpful “how to” or inspirational video?

Focusing on what you want your YouTube Channel to do for your viewers – your target market – should be first on your list, when you start setting your YouTube goals. The time you spend now thinking about this will turn out to be a valuable investment. If you narrow your YouTube goals and create a vision for your Channel, every action you take will be that much more focused and effective.
Step 2. Naming Your Channel

Our first priority is gathering data to be used in the set-up, so you don’t lose your focus and you have everything in place before you start going through YouTube’s set up wizards.
Naming your Channel is a small step, but an important one. Your Channel name can grow your traffic all by itself – simply by having an edge over Channels belonging to your competitors.
Decide what you want to brand with your videos:

• Yourself (as a niche expert)
• Your business (e.g. “Ace Accounting”)
• Your niche itself (e.g. “Vegan Pancakes”)

Google and YouTube are now joined at the hip; you will access YouTube using your Google Gmail account, so be sure to have your Gmail address and password at the ready.

[tip]]If your Channel name is not going to be the same as your existing website or blog name, do register the identical domain name to your Channel – even if you don’t have time to do anything with your new domain for the time being.[/tip]

If you don’t yet have a Google Gmail account, don’t worry. YouTube’s sign-up process will take care of that.

Step 3. Signing Up Via Google Gmail

1. Go to YouTube and click the blue “sign in” button at the upper-right corner of your screen. A new page will open, offering you the chance to sign in via Gmail or click on a red button prompting you to create a brand new account.

create-  account In YouTube

2. If you have an existing Google Gmail account, simply sign in. If you don’t, click the “Create An Account” button and you will be prompted to create a Google account and new Gmail address.
If you are planning to have more than one Channel, create a specific Gmail address for each Channel.

2-gmail-setup for YouTube

[tip]If you see a message that your first name and last name is already taken, add a keyword or something like “TV” or “videos” to the end of your first and last name for your Gmail address, if you’re planning on using that address strictly for YouTube (e.g. “annieoakleyvideos@gmail.com”).[/tip]

Complete all the information in the right-hand widget and finish your Gmail setup. (Note: If you enter your mobile phone number, you will get an automated Google phone call or text, just to verify that you are the real deal.)
Once you have set up your new Google Gmail account, you’ll be returned to the YouTube home page. Simply sign in.

YouTube Summary

So far we have covered setting your YouTube goals, signing up using Gmail, and naming your channel.  That is a good start for us today. In the next YouTube Channel Set Up post we will cover more on setting up your channel and website or blog setting and colors.

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