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Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

If you’re committed to growing your online business, you have to have a visible presence – and offerings to choose from – on YouTube.  You can integrate your YouTube videos with your website, blog and all your other social networks.  And what the siteYouTube Channel Set Up does is act as a gigantic boost powder to all these other arenas you engage in, on the net.  So you simply cannot choose to ignore it

Getting Started With YouTube Continued

3. Once you’re signed in, you’ll see your name and avatar at the top right of the new page that opens. If the Gmail account you used was brand new, your photo won’t populate the avatar yet.
Click on your photo or blank avatar, and select “My channel” from the drop-down menu.


4. A blank Channel template will open up. Click on “Channel Settings” in the top-left menu bar.

4-YouTube channel settings

Note that you can always skip personalizing any aspect of your Channel, and edit it later. But let’s take a quick run-through Channel customization…
5. You will now be able to customize your Channel. Let’s start with “Appearance”: Click on the tab, and change the background, if you wish.
You have three options for customizing the background area of your Channel:

• Uploading a custom background file in .JPG or .PNG format
• Simply selecting a color from the Color Selector (“Choose a color”)
• Entering your website or blog background color, if you know the HTML code (e.g. “#088A85”)

5-YouTube appearance

Consider having a custom background made, if you want to increase your branding.
6. Next, Click on the “Info and Settings” tab. There are more sections to customize – do include a good description targeted at your ideal viewer’s tastes and needs; and put in your Tags (keywords).

6- info-and-settings

The moment you click on the “Edit” hyperlink for your profile, however, you will be taken back to your Google Profile. There, if you haven’t already done so, you can:

• Upload a photograph (minimum 250 X 250 pixels)
• Add your tagline
• Highlight your top accomplishments
• Put your URLs and work history
• Edit your search visibility

And more.

7-edit google profile

7. Google won’t automatically return you to your YouTube account, so simply press “Done editing” (top-left, above your Profile photo) and repeat steps 1 and 3 (you’ll still be signed in). Or click on the site logo window Tab (it will still be open) and refresh your Channel page.

Step 4. Customizing Your YouTube URL
Next we come to a really important step – customizing your channel URL. Do this, and people will be taken straight to your Channel featuring all your videos, if they click on your new customized URL or enter it into their browser bars.

1. Underneath your Channel URL, click the “Edit” button.


As soon as you click “Edit”, a new window will open up. Replace the random numbers assigned by YouTube with your preferred Channel Name.


2. Press “Create Channel URL”.

YouTube Summary

Discussion was about signing in and setting up from blank template, choosing your colors,  and setting your background.  Also mention your personal imapge and creating a custom YouTube channel URL.

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