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Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

If you’re committed to growing your online business, you have to have a visible presence – and offerings to choose from – on YouTube.  You can integrate your YouTube videos with your website, blog and all your other social networks.  And what the siteYouTube Channel Set Up does is act as a gigantic boost powder to all these other arenas you engage in, on the net.  So you simply cannot choose to ignore it

Getting Started With YouTube Continued

Step 5. Customizing Your Display Options

Next, click on “Tabs”. This is where you choose in advance how you want to share your videos.

1. First thing to do: Change the default “Allow channel comments” setting to “Don’t display until approved.”

You don’t want people leaving ignorant or obscene comments, which can happen if you allow unapproved comments.

10. YouTube feed-tab

2. Look over the other options and decide which will work best for your business.
Click the “Done editing” Tab when finished.

Step 6. Upload Your Video
Finally, it’s time to upload your first video. There are a few options for doing this, but we’re going to combine it with taking a look at your Video Manager.

1. Click on your Profile photo again, and select “Video Manager” from the drop-down menu. The Video Manager is your YouTube Dashboard, so get into the habit of using it.


2. Here you will find all sorts of options, including “Analytics”. Later, when you have multiple videos open, you will see them all displayed in a list fashion with thumbnails. You can edit right from your Video Manager. But for now, your Video Manager will be empty, so go ahead and press the green “Upload” button, top-right.


3. Now press the red “Upload” button.


This will open a new window.
4. Select your video from your computer. Then fill in the details.
Most important will be:

• A strong Title
• A short, direct description (slanted at your ideal viewer)
• Your Tags (YouTube will “suggest” existing Tabs, which you can add.)
• The correct Category


Be sure to choose your Category well. Think where your ideal viewer might search.


5. Wait until you see the sign “Your video has been saved” in the bottom right hand corner before viewing your video or adding more.16-add-more

Your video is uploaded. You can now view it in your new Channel!

YouTube Conclusion

There you have it folks, how to set up your Channel, and now you can proudly display you videos on your own YouTube Channel.

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