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Grow Your Following With YouTube

YouTube To Grow Your Following

YouTube ranks number two in the world of social networks, Facebook being number one.  (We have to disqualify Google+ from this contest, because their results are artificially inflated by the integration with their search engine statistics.)


There’s something you ought to know about this social network, however:  Whereas Facebook and Pinterest’s audience has a majority of female users, YouTube’s has a majority of male users.

So if your target market leans more towards the male gender in its demographic, you definitely need to be using YouTube to create engagement and drive traffic to your Channel and sites.

Regardless of gender, however, YouTube’s number two status ought to set you down focusing on how to use this powerful network to grow your following.

Procedure For Growing Your Following on YouTube

Step 1.  Your Channel Subscriptions

There are several effective tactics you can use to increase subscriptions to your YouTube Channel, but there’s one over-riding method you have to make sure is in place before we take a lot of any of these: And that is asking your viewer to subscribe.

Let’s look at your options…

1.    Asking within your video – Simply add a graphic at the end of your video asking the viewer to subscribe to your Channel.  You should note, however, that YouTube is extremely strict about its users providing incentives, so don’t offer any sort of reward or bribe.  (It is permissible to say things like: “Subscribe to my Channel for more videos like these”.)

 2.    Annotations  – these are clickable graphics or text boxes embedded within your video.  You can add them using your Video Manager in your YouTube dashboard.  There are several types for you to choose from – speech bubbles, text boxes (“Notes”) and hot spots (Spotlights) being the most popular.

2-YouTube annotation-use

One fact to note, however:  Annotations will not appear in YouTube chromeless players; nor will they display on mobile, tablet and TV devices.  So you should always make sure you don’t rely solely on your annotations to attract subscribers, but add calls to action in other places too.

 [tip]If you want to make your Annotation clickable, simply check the “Link” radio box within your Annotation creation settings, and use your annotation to add a link to your Channel or to another video (e.g. the next in a series).[/tip]

Step 2.  Video Responses

Considering their effectiveness, it is surprising that more people don’t make use of video responses.

What is a “video response”?  It’s when, instead of commenting on another viewer’s video, you make your own video in response to his video and post the link in his comments.

Video responses can not only start an entertaining dialogue, but you can quickly pick up subscribers from the original video poster’s own Channel.

There are ways to do it and ways not do it.  Scathing denunciations of the original post may build some viral traffic, but – unless you are Gilbert Gottfried – won’t make people subscribe, if denunciations are not something you normally indulge in.  In fact, it can get pretty unpleasant, and may even result in your account being suspended, if someone “flags” your response.

Blatantly showing the original poster up is also not a positive strategy.  If you want to correct someone, you have to do it carefully.  Sandwich criticism in between a compliment and a positive statement.

The best way to create strong video responses that will please the original poster and his subscribers:

  • Present some additional aspect to his video that actually enhances his original point
  • Make a funny and engaging response.  But if you use parody, be sure to laugh with the original poster – not at him.

Creating a video response is drop-dead easy.  Here’s how you do it…

1.    Click inside the “All Comments” box as if you were just going to type a comment. Then click the link under the bottom-right corner of the textarea box.

3-video response on YouTube

2.    You now have three choices:

  • Choose one of your existing videos
  • Upload a new one
  • Record a new one

4-choose-a-video on YouTube

Videos you post as a response become linked to the original poster’s video – the perfect way to create backlinks and gather subscribers, if you’ve done a proficient job on your video response.

 [note]If you see an asterisk – * – beside the video you are about to upload, YouTube is reminding you that the video in question has already been linked to another video as a video response.  If you continue, your old link will be broken and the video you choose will now be linked to the current one.[/note]

One last tip with video responses:

  • Invite a response to your response!

And make it irresistible for the original poster and his followers to do so!

Summary Of GrowYour Folloing On YouTube

One of the surefire ways to gain followers is to ask them to follow you. Next is the use of annotations, but they do not work without a Chrome browser and do not work on mobiles at all.  You can also utilize ask for  a video repsonse especially since you are on YouTube.

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