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Tips for Creating Videos That Get Shared

How do you get people to not just view your videos, but share them?

First and foremost, you have to ask.

But where to put your plea… and how? That’s the million-dollar question.

There are several places where you are allowed to tell people what to do and how to do it. And one of the best ways, according to many successful YouTube producers, is to put a call to action and a link right into your video.
Now, many people do just that: A static URL appears at the end of the video while the presenter is verbally telling people to click on it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s way better than displaying no URL at all.
In fact out of all people who display URLs in their videos, 96% include static, non-clickable URLs at least at the video’s ending.

Clickable Link in a YouTube Videos continued

7. Be sure to check the “Link” radio box underneath the Start and End time, and press the Down arrow in the “Video” button to select your link type.


Notice that – for now – you cannot link to a website. This is reserved for verified Channels. (And “Subscribe” is only for subscribing to you as a YouTube user.)

8. When you have tweaked your link and call to action to your satisfaction, press “Save” and when the Save is completed, “Publish”.


9. You can preview your new Annotation to make sure it is active and correct.


For more ideas on how to use Annotations to increase your shares, check out YouTube’s own Annotation Tips.

You can – and should – also add links in other areas. Go to your Dashboard and check “Add Links to your Channel’s Profile”, if you haven’t done the latter already.


Next, scroll down to “Describe Your Channel”. If you haven’t already entered a keyword-powered, dynamic description, click on the double down-arrow; then click on “settings”.


Remember – the description is not about you: It’s about what your Channel is offering your ideal viewer.

Social-Sharing Your YouTube Videos
We’ve dealt with calls to action and links, clickable and unclickable. Now it’s time to add the second vital aid to sharing. And that is… sharing. On your social networks, that is.

12-social-share The key lies in picking the best method for your particular audience. If you change your YouTube settings so that videos are automatically shared when uploaded, will that please your followers… or will it make people tune them out? How often do you release videos? Are they targeted towards a large enough segment of your social networking connections?

The best time to share on your social networks? When you first upload videos.

There are both pros and cons to allowing YouTube to automatically share content. On the one hand, it’s always released: On the other, personalization always works so much better!

Share your video from your social networks, as well as to them! Embed them on your blog, and ask readers to share your video.

But what about your actual videos? What makes one video go viral… and another shrivel up without a squeak?

Common Characteristics of Viral Videos

The ideal is to create a video that people can’t help sharing. It would be tempting to say that most of these:

• Involve celebrities or cute kids and animals
• Are outrageous
• Are funny
But even if one or more of these criteria are true, there’s always one thing more…
Viral videos often ask: “What if…?”

And because of that, they are original. They step well outside of everyone’s envelope.

Just take a look at the Drive Through Invisible Driver video (currently trending like wildfire with 28,916,047 views, at last count).

Here’s how it goes:
1. Perpetrator explains briefly what he is going to do – wear a “car seat” costume and pretend that his car is driving itself up to the take-out restaurant window.

13-invisible-driver-setup for videos

Summary Of Create Videos That Get Shared

In this portion of the posts on creating video that get shared we finished the creating links in the video, and started the Social Sharing your YouTube video.

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