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Growing YouTube Following Tips

20 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Following

There are many tactics you can employ and tips you can effectively use to grow your YouTube following.

 The YouTube Tips

1. Do your best to keep domain URLs and Channel names short and easy to read.

Use initial caps in your embedded links to differentiate between individual words. (“www.OlssonsBusinessServices.com” is much easier to sound out and understand at a glance than “www.olssonsbusinessservices.com”).

And remember that the longer and more complex your URL (whether clickable or not), the longer the time you should allow for it to be displayed at the end of your video, so that people aren’t still trying to spell it out as its fading out of frame.

2. Create “Parts” or “Chapters” if a topic is complex. Break it down into bite-sized components that viewers can easily absorb.

If you don’t want to create these, give your series consistency and cohesion by always beginning each episode the same way (e.g. “How to”) while dealing with the same topic (just different aspects).

1-YouTube how-to

3. Share your Playlists, as well as individual videos. You can copy the URL and share it on social networks.

4. Record your Google+ Hangouts. Share them on YouTube. (But make sure your participants are cool with this first!)
5. Display “Featured” Channels. If someone with more visibility and you produces similar videos (especially if they complement yours, rather than duplicate and outshine them) display their Channel as a Featured Channel. This may seem counterproductive, but it’s not: You’ll attract a percentage of their audience in return.
6. Keep any theme music or credits short. YouTube recommends 5 seconds or less. While these may add consistency and help brand your videos, slick intros are not what will hook your viewers. In fact, any longer than 5 seconds, and you’ve probably lost them.
7. Use “call to action” images in your videos. Annotate them by Spotlighting them or use Speech Balloons, sending people to “Subscribe” to your Channel.

2-balloon on YouTube

Remember: Images are much easier to understand than words!

8. Make your topic clear from the word “go”. Your viewer should never be left wondering: “What on earth am I watching?” (Unless, of course, you’re the next Ang Lee and you want to shock and surprise.)
9. Edit your videos. Even if you only have windows movie maker, you can quickly teach yourself to:

  • Cut out rambling bits
  • Condense your storyline to the essentials
  • Use (sparsely and carefully) special effects such as fade-outs
  • Add links or hot spots
  • Insert a soundtrack, if appropriate
  • Add short musical intros and credits

Watch your video carefully many times. Go back to it at different intervals, so you will see it with fresh eyes. Ask yourself “Is this shot really necessary to getting my message across?”

Look for “distractions” and remove them, re-shooting if you have to; or cutting the clip. (For example, do you really need that cage-full of chirping budgies behind your head? You may have learned to tune them out – but your audience won’t – and will likely click away before you’ve ever made your point.)

You may not be worried about using top of the line, quality equipment or professional quality sound editors – but your message should be clear, dynamic, entertaining – and feel like the real deal.

10. Pay attention to lighting. You don’t have to have a full Hollywood set up with HMI globes, 600-watt Molequartz Tweenie-Mole Solarspot Fresnel luminaires and separate 2000-watt Softlites (just for low ceilings). But you do have to watch:

  • The level of lighting
  • Where direct light or shadow falls
  • That your video is simply bright enough for people to clearly see what’s going on

3-dark barn on YouTube

Poor lighting will make your video seem blurry and amateurish. Your viewer will quickly lose interest.

YouTube Tips For Growing Followers

In this post we covered the first 10 tips.  In the next post we will cover the remaining 10 tips to make the total of 20 tips for grouwing a followning on YouTube

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