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Growing Your YouTube Following 2

20 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Following

There are many tactics you can employ and tips you can effectively use to grow your YouTube following.

 The YouTube Tips (continued)

11. Every video should have a call to action asking viewers to subscribe to your channel. No matter what.

But you also need to give them a reason to subscribe. Your highly entertaining and/or helpful content should be number one in fulfilling this purpose, but you can also plant others:

• A promise of “more ways to…”
• Further parts in the series – plant the fear of missing these
• A continuing “episode”
• Your sparkling personality (hey, some people just “got” it!)
• A call to action that connects emotionally
• Repeating your message in the Description and at more than one point in the video
• Displaying more videos in a series or in the same vein that they’ll want to click through and view

4-more youtube videos

12. Never, ever try to bribe actions from viewers (e.g. “The first ten people will get a free copy of my Ultimate World of Warcraft Cheater’s Bible, normally $7,000.00”).

Putting up any sort of conditional incentive for subscriptions, click-throughs, et cetera, is a direct violation of YouTube’s terms of service, and will quickly get your account shut down.

13. Create and follow a specific strategy for promoting your videos – and your Channel. This should be part of your business plan – not random attempts to drum up viewers.

14. Include and promote videos from fellow niche experts, to keep your Channel active with content. Make a playlist, and promote your playlist.

Your aim should be to keep offerings coming at a consistent flow; neither so intermittent that it becomes easy to ignore your links or not take you seriously nor so often that people feel flooded with too many video links, and grow irritated.

Learning how to pace your video flow is a basic but important part of maximizing YouTube’s incredible power

15. Create powerful Titles. These don’t necessarily have to be clever. They do, however, have to make your potential viewer:

• Excited
• Curious
• Wanting to see more
• Pick yours over possibly hundreds of similar videos

Elements such as Title are crucial, when it comes to influencing potential viewers’ decision-making.
A powerful title…

• Is less than 66 characters long
• Is keyword optimized
• Contains the word “video”. (Hey. What one common keyword do people most often search with – in both Google and YouTube – when looking for the right YouTube offering?)

5-video-keyword on youtube

Let people know what type of video they are looking at. Use keywords such as:

• Tutorial
• How to
• Review
• Introduction to
• Training
• B2B

16. Spend time looking at other YouTube titles. Study titles and decide which ones appeal to you. See if you can spot a common denominator for the ones that do appeal.

Take note of the viewer count. Figures in the low thousands should be of first interest. What is a common denominator for these Titles?

Look at the bad-and-ugly titles too. Which ones only got a handful of viewers? Again, any common denominators in the Titles?

17. Feed YouTube’s search algorithms. You want your video to be among the first few served up to searchers. Keep in mind that YouTube selects ranking order within viewer searches based on:

• Keywords
• Related videos – the more you have, the more YouTube likes it (another reason for creating a series)
• Ad-serving potential (for YouTube)
• Whether or not you have monetized your video
• The amount of active promotion that is going on with the video
• Did we mention “keywords”?

18. Consider monetizing your video. A short AdWords campaign can give your YouTube career a strong launch – especially if you’re brand new to your niche and nobody knows you.

If you do decide to monetize, however, make sure:

• Your niche isn’t one that is especially resistant to ads
• Your video is actually worth promoting!

19. Remember that those searching YouTube are often visual learners. Don’t overlook that fact. Make full use of the maxim “show, don’t tell”: Make sure your first screen shot in the video “shows” what they are going to learn or discover in your video.

6-show-dont-tell with youtube video

20. Remember that it’s all about the viewer – not about you. People want something when they turn to YouTube – information, entertainment, instruction, a gap filled, a time slot filled, a problem solved.

Conclusion Or Growing Your YouTube Following

Making the videos your viewers want (and applying the rest of these tips) will help increase your YouTube ranking.

And please your target market with YouTube videos

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