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Build Blog Traffic With Social Media

10 Ways to Build Your Blog Traffic With Social Media

This has beome the century of social sharing.  Nowadays, people seem to spend more time on their social networks than they do reading and following individual blogs.  What they are often on social media is looking for social proof – seeing what their contacts and friends are saying, finding out what they are reading, looking for issues and emotions to connect with.

So what better way to build your blog traffic than through social media?

The 10 Ways To Build Traffic With Social Media

1.  Blog and social network regularly and consistently.

Be visible and active in both venues.  This can’t be emphasized enough.  Most people will pay more attention to one than the other:  They’ll either be pushing content via social media, and leaving the same post sitting on their lonely blog for weeks… or they’ll be diligently blogging away… and not paying attention to consistent and regular sharing.

That being said, don’t push your posts on people.  Create a presence on social networks and let people become familiar with you.  All it takes is any social network contact checking out one great blog post from a social link before she comes to recognize you as an authority on her topic – someone to turn to, when she needs information: Someone she can trust.

Only if you create a rich archive of posts (check out this Copyblogger example) on related topics will yours be the blog they’ll turn to and search, when they want general information on your area of expertise.


2.  Create a Social Media Strategy – and Plan.

Don’t just wing off social network posts to draw people to your blog as the thought strikes you.  Make an actual plan.  And stick to it.

You don’t need to sit down and meticulously plan every post to every network for a year – but do create a specific strategy for sharing across all networks.

Your plan could look as simple as this:

2-blog-planning for social media People who plan:

  • Know their goals
  • Identify obstacles to reaching it
  • Create strategies for overcoming these obstacles
  • Pace their efforts

As a result, their payback is larger and more consistent.

3.  Active Groups and Hot Discussions

One way of finding out exactly what your social network contacts are passionately interested in:  Pay attention to – and engage in – hot discussions.  And the place people feel most comfortable doing this is in single-interest Groups.

Any time you see a post with more than seven comments – especially if there is a wide range of opinions or answers flying – you’ve got a hot topic.  It’s current, and it’s on peoples’ minds.

3-questions-topics on social media

Issues that are being discussed are issues the people in that group want to read about.

But make sure the Groups numbers support writing a post about it.  (If it’s a group of only four people, it may be worth your while to write, emotionally-speaking – but not from a blog traffic generation perspective.)

4.  Participate in social engagement.

4-on-the-outside and the inside with social mediaSocial networking is not just about making posts:  It’s about connection.  If you want people to know who you are – vital for making them care about your posts – you have to be there, right in the thick of things.

Posting and never engaging is like handing in your homework but never attending class.  People might vaguely recognize your face, but you’ll be an outsider, if you don’t participate.

Engaging on a daily basis allows you to:

  • Find out when your best sharing audience is actually present on the network
  • Find out what they love, hate or need more information about
  • What can get them talking, non-stop (those are the topics you should blog about!)
  • Hook them into sharing emotionally by thanking them, responding to their thoughts and generally making them feel important.

Do that, and you’ll be important to them too.

5.  Guarantee they’ll be interested in your post.

When you’ve done all this and you’re sure you know what they’d love to read, don’t just expect to post a link and have them come running. You need to have a strategy for presenting your fascinating content.  It has to be wrapped in as pretty a package as possible.

As far as your social post is concerned, you need to carefully craft and optimize:

  • Your link URL
  • Your blog post Title
  • Your “hook” (the phrase or sentence you introduce your URL with)

 5-package yourself for social media

At this point, keywords in your post take second seat to emotional and visual appeal.  As far as your actual blog post is concerned, once you have your Title, you need:

  • A first sentence that hooks the reader in to read more
  • A relevant, eye-catching graphic
  • Lots of “white space” (to make it easily readable and – more important – eye-scannable)
  • Varied visual elements such as bullet points and sub-heads to make it even more eye-scannable
  • Great content that includes any combination of what, where, when, why, how
  • Content that triggers identification or controversy – and emotion
  • A great conclusion – with a call to share back to multiple social media options!

Summary of Build Blog Traffic With Social Media

You should blog and partcipate in social media, and have a social media plan. You should also engulf yourself in social groups and partcipate in social engagement.  In the next post we will conclude this series, so stay tuned to learn more.

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  • Reginald August 14, 2013, 6:11 AM Link

    Hi John,

    I can’t agree more with the part; social engagement. I believe when it comes to building blog traffic, relationship with other bloggers is important.

    Leaving good and constructive comments, providing support and sharing information will increase your readership back to your site.

    Thanks for sharing mate!

    • John Wagner August 14, 2013, 7:24 AM Link

      Thank you for your comment it is greatly appreciated.

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