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10 Ways to Build Your Blog Traffic With Social Media

This has beome the century of social sharing.  Nowadays, people seem to spend more time on their social networks than they do reading and following individual blogs.  What they are often on social media is looking for social proof – seeing what their contacts and friends are saying, finding out what they are reading, looking for issues and emotions to connect with.


So what better way to build your blog traffic than through social media?

The 10 Ways To Build Traffic With Social Media

6. Experiment with variable media

Another tactic that can increase blog shares on social media:  Embedding posts with videos or podcasts.  Infographics are also extremely popular right now too.

Experiment with different lengths of posts too. Right now there’s a large faction that swear long blog posts are doing better than the traditional short posts.  But there’s no wrong or right answer:  The big deciding factor is what your audience prefers – how do they react to long posts?  To short posts?


Measure the reaction to your variable media posts.  If you get an extremely high share rate for a particular type from any of your social networks, cultivate that and analyze it.  Was it the topic… or the medium?

7.  Create boards in Pinterest to drive pinners to your blog posts.

If you haven’t already joined Pinterest, and your audience is mostly female, go do it right now.  Find a Facebook friend that you know is a pinner, and ask for an invitation.

Then create Pinboards and pin images to them.  You can pin your own.. and other people’s.

Install “Pin it!” buttons on your blog to let people know you don’t mind them pinning your original images or infographics.

When you do this, your URL is attached automatically to your pin.  Most people won’t change that and it can send traffic directly to your blog and your current post.

Include your actual post URL in your pin description too – it can drive traffic right to your specific post.  Here’s an example…


You can also pin videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Kickstarter and embedded in your blog.

But don’t stop there – use Pinterest’s search engines to target pinners and find out where you fit in.  Search with keywords such as “blogs” or “videos”, as well as niche-specific keywords.

If you search Pinterest, you can see what your competition is posting and what is getting them continual shares. This can help you plan your Pinterest blog-driving strategy more accurately.


8.  Create social media connections with other bloggers.

These bloggers should be in your niche or industry.  Be sure to promote and share those posts, if you genuinely like them.  Never post just to gain brownie points – that doesn’t work and especially on business-oriented networks like LinkedIn, where your reputation and integrity is everything, you risk be seen as another pushy marketer.

Be sure to guest blog for your fellow blogger connections:  Have them promote your guest post on their blog.  This can be an effective backlink and traffic strategy.  Then ask them to guest post on yours – and be sure to promote their guest post vigorously.

9.  Retweet others posts on Twitter – especially to good blog posts.

The mistake people make here:  Only retweeting a particular person’s quotes one or two times… then flitting off to the next one.

The advantage of this is.. it is organic.  You are retweeting what you like.

But – without being overly deliberate – you should treat this as a strategy.  Pick 5-10 experts, peers and bloggers to “follow”, and make a point of looking up their feed, finding posts you can retweet.  Don’t overdo it – that would look silly!  Aim for about 4-6 retweets per person, per week.

When you are consistent in helping them share their posts, most people will start reciprocating and tweeting yours.


10.  Create Facebook contests and polls using Rafflecopter

This app is one of the simplest around for creating Facebook contests and polls.  Just make sure you do two specific things:

  • Log into  Rafflecopter  with your Facebook ID (don’t skip giving Rafflecopter that information, or it won’t be able to find your page).
  • Make sure your blog URL is highly visible, with an invitation to visit it, in your “About” section.


Rafflecopter is compatible and allowed on Facebook… but do make sure you read Rafflecopter’s Facebook questions page first – as well as Facebook’s own contest guidelines.

Social media should be the other half of the blogging experience – especially now Google Panda and Penguin are doing some weird things with backlinks from traditional blogging methods.

Fit social media into your blogging traffic stratagems – and don’t forget to have fun!

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