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Setting Up Facebook Page 2

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

Many people miss the most important step, when it comes to setting up a new Facebook Page for business.  And that is: Knowing what you want that Facebook Page to accomplish.  They become so wrapped up in the mechanics of Page creation, they pay little attention to following the “Plan” – even if they’ve made one.

So the first step doesn’t even involve opening up your Facebook account.  It consists of identifying your business and marketing goal.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page (continued)

Step 4. Create Your Page

Log into your Facebook account, and go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php.

  1. Choose the best Page type for your business

4-business types


  1. Choose your best Category

Once you click on one of the six Page Type selections, you’ll be able to fill in basic information.


Enter your Company Name, check the box to agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click on the little down arrow beside “Choose a category”.  Once you select, the drop-down will close.

Click the blue “Get Started” button.

  1. Fill in your information

Here’s where you enter the data you prepared, section by section.  First, copy-paste your 155 character (maximum) blurb in the “Description” slug for your About section.  Enter your website URL, if desired.


Note:  When Facebook says “Is ___ a real organization, school or government?” it means: “Does it have an official legal status and a physical building?”  So you will most likely say “no”.

Next, “Add another site” if you wish to add more links – such as Twitter, Pinterest, and so forth.


Press “Save Info”.

  1. Your Profile Photo

In the next section, upload your Profile Photo or logo. You can upload a photo from your hard drive or directly from a website.

8-happysquid orofile

Press “Next”.

  1. Your Custom URL

Next, set up your Facebook web address.  This will be the custom URL for your Page.

9-web-address to put

If that name is not available, think of what you could add that your target market might search with (e.g. “HappySquidPublishing”)

  1. Start filling in your Admin dashboard

You’ll be taken to your Admin dashboard, and instantly asked to “Like” your own page.  Note you can skip this, if you don’t want to do that.


You’ll be prompted through several other sections by the easy-as-pie set up wizard. Don’t be in a rush to do this, however.  Wait before sharing or inviting contacts until your new Page looks exactly the way you want it. (Contacting your list in person is always a better idea – far less “spammy” than a “canned” invitation from Facebook.)

11-invite-email-contacts to your facebook page

Summary Of Setting Up  Facebook Page 2

In this post we covered selecting page type, choosing your category, inputting your information, and selecting a profile photo.  We also added a custom URL and started our Admin dashboard.  Stay tuned for the final post in this series soon.

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