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How to Set Up a Facebook Page

Many people miss the most important step, when it comes to setting up a new Facebook Page for business. And that is: Knowing what you want that Facebook Page to accomplish. They become so wrapped up in the mechanics of Page creation, they pay little attention to following the “Plan” – even if they’ve made one.

So the first step doesn’t even involve opening up your account. It consists of identifying your business and marketing goal.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page (continued)

  1. Add your Cover Photo

Don’t “Share” anything yet.  Instead, upload your Cover Photo in the same way you uploaded your Profile Photo.  (The recommended size is still 851 pixels X 315 pixels.)

Note also that you are now allowed 20% text in it, under Facebook’s new Cover Photo guidelines.



You can upload a photo from your hard drive, website or from one of your existing albums. Note, however, that it should be an original photograph.


Note that all Cover Photos are designated as Public.


You can now include calls-to-action in your cover photo (e.g. “Like us right now!”) but do read the Cover Photo guidelines, as well as full Page guidelines, to make sure your Cover Photo and page elements fall within these.

You can now go ahead and customize your Page with apps and photos – all supporting your goal for your page and your unique message. (Social Media Examiner offers the definitive, most currently up-to-date tutorial on finding and adding Facebook Apps.)

You can also Create an Event.


You can even create an ad to increase your “Likes” more quickly.  And later, you can “Boost” a post – Facebook will even show which posts are getting the most interaction.

  1. Updating your Page

You can update or customize your Page at any time by pressing the Admin panel button…


This will expand your Page with interactive command modules.


The buttons at the top right will instantly help you perform different functions (e.g. building your audience or adding more elements to your Page.)


  • Update Public Info allows you to add or change to your About section.
  • Edit Settings allows you to set permissions
  • Manage Admin Roles allows you to instantly add another person as a Page admin
  • Manage Notifications allows Facebook to send you messages when people interact with your Page, if you wis

Conclusion Of Setting Up Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are now easier to create and use than ever – so set one up now, make your first post – and start sharing!

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