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How To Use Your Facebook Personal Profile

Set Your Personal Profile to Promote Your Business

Many online entrepreneurs use a combination of their Facebook Page and Personal Profile to grow their businesses – but Facebook likes to rigorously separate the two.

Feeds from your Page don’t automatically appear in your Timeline any more (unless you adjust and tweak so that they do.)

So what do you do if you already have oodles of business contact, clients or customers numbered among your Facebook Friends?  How do you keep your Timeline personal, while supporting your business persona through it?

It can be done.

Setting Your Facebook Personal Profile Tactics

Here’s how to set up your Personal Profile so that you position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your field – so you can dynamically grow your following.  Before we get into tips and tactics, however, let’s clarify what a Facebook Personal Profile nowadays means.  Think of it this way:

Timeline Facebook Page
News feed, personal Posts, business


That’s the way it’s supposed to be. However you can integrate your personal and business messages with resounding success just by following these simple procedures and knowing some basic Facebook Timeline rules (and actual secrets!)

Step 1.  Create a Well-Optimized Timeline Cover Section

Even if the majority of people seeing your Timeline are personal friends and family, you can still make sure your Cover section “message” supports your business persona. For example, if your business persona is strongly positioned as a family-oriented person, a background Cover Photo showing your kids in a happy tangle, playing on a summer evening would not be out of line with your business image.

However, a Cover Photo showing racing cars whizzing round a track might tell people you like race cars – but it’s not relevant to your business.  And more to the point, it doesn’t support the big “family-oriented” message you have been positioning to your business clients.

Your Personal Profile Photo too should still be a headshot – for one thing, that’s what Facebook wants.  But it’s your choice whether or not you want to show a more quirky or relaxed or even downright mischievous headshot on your Timeline – or create consistency and cohesion by using the same professional headshot that is on your Facebook Page.

1-personal-profile-photo 2-business-profile-photo for facebook

While pulling your tongue out at people probably isn’t a good idea on either your Personal or Page Profile Photo (unless your business is being a comedian or perhaps a professional clown), the previous example does show how you can both create consistency and show personal versus professional.

You can…

  • Use very different poses but wear the same clothing and colors
  • Wear a consistent, dramatic accessory or piece of clothing
  • Use your Logo on your Business Page and your Photo on your Timeline
  • Use the same professional-caliber photo for both Page and Timeline Profile shot – but vary your Cover photo background

And, of course you can vary your Cover Photo in much the same manner between your Timeline and your Page.  So start thinking of your Cover and Profile Photos not just as “personal” or “professional”, but as really flexible tools you can use to send a strong message and help with exact positioning.

There is also one incredibly simple tactic you can use to make sure your business posts appears both on your Page – and in your Timeline feed (and more to the point, your Friends’ Timeline feeds)…

Step 2.  Post as Your Page

Anything you want to keep strictly personal, post when you’re logged in as your Timeline.  But anything you’d like to share with both your Page and Timeline followers – log in as your Page.

You can easily switch from Timeline to Page and vice-versa when already logged in.  Just go up to your settings and click “Post as your Page”, if you’re on Timeline.

3-post-as-page on facebook

That way, any Page feed you want to send to Friends through your Personal Profile (Timeline) will always be displayed.

Using Facebook as your Page to share with your Personal Timeline may seem ironic, but it’s an easy and sound tactic.

4-share-to-personal on facebook

Two things to remember:

  1. 1.    Page posts are always “Public” by default
  2. 2.    Your post will duplicate if you post it to your personal profile right after posting it to your page.  Let a little time elapse first.

Recap Of Using Your Facebook Personal Profile

Creating an excellently organized Timeline cover section and utilize a professional looking photograph for it.  Post for personal retention or to share with your followers.  Page posts are always public on Facebook.

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