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How To Use Your Facebook Personal Profile 2

Set Your Personal Profile to Promote Your Business

Many online entrepreneurs use a combination of their Facebook Page and Personal Profile to grow their businesses – but Facebook likes to rigorously separate the two.

Feeds from your Page don’t automatically appear in your Timeline any more (unless you adjust and tweak so that they do.)

So what do you do if you already have oodles of business contact, clients or customers numbered among your Facebook Friends?  How do you keep your Timeline personal, while supporting your business persona through it?

It can be done.

Setting Your Facebook Personal Profile Tactics (continued)

Step 3.  Who You Allow to Post (and what this can do for you)

Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm and filter tinkering, we now have the phenomenon of people not seeing posts from Friends that are really important – particularly on Pages.  Facebook has taken over deciding who it wants to see in your feed.  Posts to your Page now disappear into a tiny “Recent Posts” box that only shows a post or two at a time.


Sure, there’s a “More Posts” anchor text link (in teeny-tiny letters) – but who ever clicks on those?  Human nature is such that most of us tend to ignore “recent posts”. However, there’s a work-around that will let you restore your best posters to your feed, instead of exiling them to the “Recent Posts by Others” box.  It doesn’t work for everyone – but this little “hidden secret” can make a real difference to engagement!

1.    When you see one of these “Recent Posts by Others” and click in the right-hand corner, what happens?


That’s right:  All you see is a forbidding “X” and a little pop-up telling you that clicking this will remove the post.  Most people quickly click away.

2.    Go ahead and click on the post anyway. You’ll quickly see that “removing” isn’t the only option!  If you click “Allowed on Page”, that person’s posts will appear in your feed.


This is great news if you have someone who asks great questions, gives feedback you can respond to as an expert or who spontaneously makes testimonial-type posts.

You can even click “Highlighted on Page” and showcase that post.

This can really boost your positioning as an authority figure in the most natural way.

And your friend will appear in your Timeline again, creating a nice mix of valuable content.

Step 4. What You Can and Can’t Do on your Personal Profile

Facebook doesn’t allow selling from your personal Timeline – it specifies that you must run promotions from your Page.  States the rules, “Timelines are for individual, non-commercial use.”  However, you can use your personal Timeline to not only position yourself as a niche authority figure, but:

  • Create a strong connection
  • Nurture relationships
  • Build your community

What isn’t in the rule books is that doing this successfully is all about two things:

  • Balance
  • Being yourself

We’ve all seen people we may actually know and like boring us to bits with empty promotion.  This usually happens because they don’t understand one fact:  You can’t be professionally formal on a personal profile because it is out of sync with why most people are there. It will feel forced, faked, empty, meaningless or just not worth the reader’s time.  People skip these sorts of posts on autopilot, without a second thought.

The trick is to post personal material that supports your business persona. But even more important, you need to listen to what people are talking about, and join in.  If someone is interested in growing tomatoes and you run a Recipe Site, don’t just post tomato recipes, share links and tips with her.  Point her to coupons.  Ask her questions and let her be the expert.  (You just might end up with a great guest for your blog or online radio show that way.

But above all, be real.

 8-be-real on facebook

Through your personal Timeline, you can…

  • Post a photo and announce an event (on your Page or elsewhere)

[note]Do this anyway, even if you’ve “Created an Event”. There are many people who regard Event invitations as something to skip[/note]

  • Let people know about a past Hangout that’s on YouTube
  • Invite people casually to a Hangout (or private message them) from your Timeline
  • Private message people
  • Sort people into Lists (a great idea when you do or don’t want certain people – e.g. clients, business peers competitors – to see posts that are more personal.  Or you don’t want your embarrassing teenage cousin Lori to make a smarty-pants remark onyour business-intended question!

Step 5.  Sorting People from your Personal Profile into Lists

You can sort anyone or create a list on the spot by:

1.    Hover over the “Friends” button on their Timeline with your mouse pointer

2.    Click to add them to one of your existing Lists from the drop-down that appears

3.    Click “+Add New List” to create and name a new list (they will be automatically placed within the new list, if you’ve done this from their “Friends” button

When you next post something, you can decide which list to post it to.

(You can even exclude lists if you’re posting via certain apps.)


Just remember that the last setting you posted to will be your new default post setting until you change it.

And here’s a tip you hardly ever see anyone give, in this Privacy-paranoid world.

It’s not for everyone or every type of business, but if you can do this, it’s an easy-no hassle way to use your Personal Facebook Timeline news feed…

  • Set everything to “Public”

Knowing that anyone can see anything that you post will put the brakes on impulsive posts and keep you business focused.

You don’t have to “Friend” them.  And do make sure you’ve enabled “Follow”, so they can follow you.

Step 5.  How to Allow Followers

How to make sure “Follow” is enabled:

1.    Click on “Follow” in your left-hand, vertical menu.


 Then check “Turn on Follow” in the page that opens up beside it.

2.    Set your preferences for your followers. For example, you can choose:

  • Exactly who is allowed to comment
  • What type of notifications they are allowed to share

You set these preferences by using the “Edit” anchor link on the right-hand side of these options.

Step 6.  Post Consistently to your Timeline and to your Page

Create powerful content is seen – on both Timelines and Pages – the way you want people to see it!11-show-photo-perfectly


Conclusion Of Using Your Facebook Profile

I hope that this series of posts have helped you or given you a new perspcctive on setting up your Facebook profile. It has been fun.


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