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Boost A Facebook Page Post

How to “Boost A Facebook Page Post” 

One way to get more engagement on your Facebook Page is to “boost your post”.  This is brand new phrase rolled out by Facebook, which is reportedly testing new phrasing in an effort to remove the stigma that has built up around the word “Promote”.

In this guide, we’ll not only look at tips and mechanics of boosting posts, we’ll also find out how to access and analyze your Facebook Insights metrics too. So let’s get started…

Step 1. Deciding What to “Boost”

On your Facebook Page you should be seeing this in the bottom-right corner of your Page posts:


So what happens if you press that little button?

Actually boosting your post is easy:  If you press the little button, a pop-up opens up and you can work your way through, adjusting the budget and deciding whether or not you want everyone to see it.


But which post should you choose?  Which one will bring you the best return on your investment?

It’s best to boost a post that is already getting active engagement.  This proves it has the potential of going viral – and it has already made a strong connection with people.

You don’t always have to play twenty guesses either:  Facebook recently started notifying people when posts were doing well, asking if they want to promote these golden gems.  If one of your Facebook Page posts is significantly out-performing the others, you’ll get a pop-up like this:


But you’re not locked into boosting only Facebook’s picks, of course.  (Though these pop-ups are a great indicator.)  You can also select posts that are…

  • Important to your Facebook Page goals
  • Getting the sort of feedback you are looking for (even if it’s a smaller amount)
  • Created specially (by you) for boosting

What is a Boosted Post?

Your post is boosted based on a CPM model (clicks per mille) – so you’re going for clicks; not sales conversions.  What boosted posts can do is increase visibility – for that particular post… and for your business and Facebook Page.

They are also capable of reaching “everyone on Facebook”… or you can set your boosted post to reach a specific group.


Step 2.  Who to Target?

You should set your boost to “Everyone on Facebook” if…

  • You want everyone to become familiar with your Page (increase visibility)
  • You are attempting to brand a product or your Page
  • You have a generic product or business that would be suitable for many different demographic sections

You should set your boost to “People who like your Page and their friends” if…

  • You want to reach a new segment of a specific niche
  • Your business services a narrow niche
  • You want more of your existing subscribers, Friends and followers to see your post
  • The information is particularly important to your target segment

Step 3.  Using Facebook Insight Analytics

Another way to decide which post is your most viable candidate for boosting:  Study your Facebook Page analytics.

On the right-hand side of your page you will see your Insights Summary.


1.    Click on “See All” and you’ll be able to view all your Page statistics.


There’s a legend above the graph so you can see what each of the colored lines, dots and sections means.  Your posts are represented by the purple dots.

(Whenever you see your “People are Talking About This” number paired with a red down arrow, it’s time to write some more posts – or start promoting the most popular ones to give them new life and further reach.)


 2.    Below the graph, you will see a list of your individual, specific posts – and results for each one.


Clicking on any of the tabs will result in a “page down”, sending you pages of earlier results.


3.    For more precise statistics, filter your Page posts by specific type.


4.    Export your data to an .XLS or .CSV Excel file.


You can select from:

  • Page level data
  • Post level data

You can also select any date range, containing data for a maximum of 500 posts and including a start and end date.

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  • Ahmed July 18, 2013, 11:12 PM Link

    Hey folks, what do I do, if my page doesn’t have the “boost post” button? The only thing I see is “create advert to get more likes”. What’s the matter? Thanks in advance!

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