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How to “Boost A Facebook Page Post” 

One way to get more engagement on your Facebook Page is to “boost your post”.  This is brand new phrase rolled out by Facebook, which is reportedly testing new phrasing in an effort to remove the stigma that has built up around the word “Promote”.

In this guide, we’ll not only look at tips and mechanics of boosting posts, we’ll also find out how to access and analyze your Facebook Insights metrics too. So let’s get started…

The How To Boost A Facebook Page Post Tips (continued)

5. Moving along your Insights horizontal menu to the “Likes” section, you will be able to glean valuable data as to exactly who your “Likes” demographics are.


Notice the age ranges, highlighted here with the orange outlining (follow the arrow).

Now cross-referencing the age with the vertical columns representing the percentage of people in each column’s specific age group (which facts, of course, Facebook has full access to, thanks to each person’s profile) you can see at a glance which age groups are the most–and–least heavily represented.

6. Sliding your eyes down below this data set, you can see where, geographically, your audience comes from.


Clicking on “Show All” will expand this list to give you complete results – right down to that one lonely little Danish follower.

7. The section underneath this one shows you the actual source of your “Likes” – not geographically, but the specific type of media or site that drove them.


Data like this can tell you many things:

• Where most of your “Likes” come from; and if there is a common denominator
• What you need to work on (e.g. inciting more Facebook recommendations)
• Whether your “Unlikes” are par for the course or over/under average
• Where peak activity occurred

For example, on May 19th here in our sample data, there was an exceptional spike, resulting in more “Likes” – and “Unlikes” – than normal. If you check your posts for that date, you’ll most likely find that you touched on a controversial subject. Note, however, that the “Likes” still outweighed the “Unlikes”. We’ll talk more about interpreting results after we’ve run through each Insights section.

8. The next section, Reach, offers yet another graph version your demographics, with age groups and gender combined.


Below that, is a repeat of your geographical data – this time for “Reach”.


Next, how you reached them:

• Organic
• Paid boosts
• Viral


You can also analyze your Page Views against your Unique Visitors.


9. Finally, this deceptively unassuming little section, “Total Tab Views”, is one of the most important:


Summary Of How To Boost Facebook Page Posts

We basically covered likes in this post, the number of views, different means of measuement of the views of a post on Facebook.

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