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Setting Up A Facebook Ad

How to Set Up Facebook Ads

We’re going to look at how to set up effective and cost-effective Facebook ads for your Facebook Page. These are known as “engagement ads” and can be a great way of quickly acquiring enough likes launch your Page and help it go viral – as well as gaining you access to your Facebook Insights tracking metrics.  (A minimum of 30 “Likes” is required, before Insights becomes available.)

Once you’ve learned how to set up an engagement ad – the simplest type of ad besides “Boost posts” – you’ll be able to make choices about other types of Facebook ads.

The ads we’re going to discuss are all self-serve ads – “Marketplace” ads.

  • Engagement ads (“Likes”)
  • Event ad (promoting an event)
  • App ad (sending people to a third-party Facebook app)
  • Traffic ad (sending people out of Facebook to your website

Facebook ads have also changed recently, so it’s especially important to refresh one’s preconceptions.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad

Let’s first look at setting up a Facebook Ad to drive people to your Facebook Page, to “Like it”…

Step 1.  Plan Your Campaign

In all online advertising, it’s important to know three things before you set anything up:

  • Your specific goal for this campaign
  • Your budget limits
  • Delivery

If you are using self-serve ads, you also need to know the specs for any graphics and the maximum number of words or characters for text elements.

With our sample campaign, we already know our goal – getting enough “Likes” so that we can access Facebook Insights and start activity on our new Facebook Page.

As for your budget, Facebook self-serve ads are inexpensive.  You will preset a limit, and the ad will stop running when the number of clicks reaches that limit.

And your delivery is already set – you’re going for CPM (clicks rather than sales conversions).

Step 2.  Setting Up Your Ad

Setting up your first Page ad is almost easier than not setting one up.  Facebook will offer you different methods at almost every stage of your Page’s creation and life.  All you have to do is click any one of the various “Create an Ad” buttons and you will be walked through simple creation wizards.

If you declined that option but are now ready to set up an ad, here’s how to do it.

1.    Start the Process

Log into your Page, which will open at your Page Admin panel.  You can begin the Promotion process right there.

Click your “Build Audience” tab. A drop-down will unfold.  Select “Create an Ad”.


2.    Set Your Audience

Add any extra countries you wish to target. (Just start typing and suggestions will appear.)


 3.    Set your Daily Budget

Next, decide how many “likes” you want to bring in and the maximum amount you wish to spend on this daily.


4.    Commit

Click “Promote”.

4-alternate-daily-budget for facebook ad

Summary Of Setting Up A Facebook Ad

So far we have discussed planning your campaign, designing you ad, selecting the viewing audience, deciding on a budget for your ad, and finally commiting to your ad.  We will finish this discussion in the next couple of posts.


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