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Setting Up A Facebook Ad 2

How to Set Up Facebook Ads

We’re going to look at how to set up effective and cost-effective Facebook ads for your Facebook Page. These are known as “engagement ads” and can be a great way of quickly acquiring enough likes launch your Page and help it go viral – as well as gaining you access to your Facebook Insights tracking metrics.  (A minimum of 30 “Likes” is required, before Insights becomes available.)

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad (continued)

A Word of Caution:

When you set up an ad this way – the drop-dead, simple way to generate simple “Likes” – there is no set up or editing.  It’s easy – but you are truly committed.

The instant you press “Promote Page”, the clock starts ticking. Your ad is running and will continue to do so until you manually stop it. And there is no customization – you simply  get the Default version shown to you moments earlier.  This will be preset by what Facebook judged appropriate, something akin to the example below:


If you do not yet have any payment methods registered with Facebook, you will be prompted to log out of your Page and “Continue as” your Personal Profile to set up payment information.


(This logging-out and continuing as your Personal Profile will happen also if you later want to access sensitive material such as billing; or whenever you want to access your ad manager.)

If you rushed ahead and pressed “Promote post” and are panicking, take a deep breath.  There are two things you can do immediately to halt the ad:

1.    Pause it in your Ad Manager, which is likely where you are now, if you simply want to think about things for a minute.


 2.    Cancel your ad altogether, if you prefer.  To do this, return to your Page Admin, locate the “Promote Post” window again and click on the little pencil icon.

A drop-down menu will appear.  One of the options will be “Stop”.  Click it.


Your ad is now cancelled.

And if, in a panic to find the “Cancel” button, you access your billing information, you may get another nasty shock – it seems to say that you have just signed up for a campaign of $50.00 per day.

Relax – Clicking on the little question mark beside “Daily Spend Limit” will quickly reassure you that the $50.00 figure is an allowed maximum – not what you contracted to pay.


Step 3. Creating Your Ad from another Facebook Point

If you really don’t want Facebook to create your ad for you – if there are custom graphics, text or a headline you’d prefer to add (or a different action you want taken other than “Like”) do not click on “Promote Post”.  Instead, go to Facebook Advertising and click “Create an Ad”.

Or if you see a suggested mock-up ad at the right-hand side of your page, simply click on the “Advertise this Page” button instead.


You will now be taken to a Page where you will set up your custom ad.

  1. Enter the URL you want people to click through and arrive at.


The destination can be:

  • Your Facebook Page
  • Your App
  • An URL

2.    Next, choose the type of ad you would like to create. (We’re going to go with “Get more Page Likes”.)


3.    Set up your ad and preview it.

On the left you’ll see the default ad that Facebook cooked up for you.

On the right you’ll see a preview, which will reflect whatever is currently populating the fields in the left hand side.


Replace the suggested text and graphics with your own…

  • Ad Headline
  • Ad body text
  • Ad graphic (100 pixels X 72 pixels)

As you upload or input, you will be able to see instantly in the right-hand preview pane how it your new ad is going to look.

Summary Of Setting Up A Facebook Ad

In this post we covered starting your campaingn, stopping your campaign, the billing, and creating another ad from another Facebook point.

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