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Getting More Likes On Your Facebook Page

How to Get More Likes to Your Facebook Page

When you create a Facebook Page for your business, book or product, it is important to acquire “Likes” as quickly as possible. When you hit a minimum of thirty “Likes”, this enables you to see your tracking metrics and data through a specialized dashboard – your Facebook Insights.  You will be able to analyze and track such data as demographics, gender and age, weekly “reach”, “Who’s Talking About This” and more.


But metrics aside, what does someone “Liking” your Page actually do for you?

What Facebook Likes Do For You

A “Like” beneath one of your posts…

  • Shows people that others are interested in and enjoy your content (social validity)
  • Makes your post automatically appear on the Liker’s Timeline (unless they have customized their privacy settings), exposing you to more “Likes”
  • Gives you a notification on your Page that someone “Liked” your post
  • Tells Facebook’s algorithms that your Page is important, and should be shared with more people
  • Lets you know your post triggered an emotion or reaction in the person who clicked through on the “Like” icon

Above all, “Likes” act as an indicator towards content your audience finds most interesting.  They can help improve your “reach”.  And the greater your reach, the greater your social validity – not only with your followers and Friends but with Facebook too.

The more popular your page, the more generously Facebook will allow it to be shared.  Is it a popularity contest on Facebook?  In Facebook’s eyes (or, more accurately, algorithms and filters) – yes!

If you want to generate more “Likes” for your page, follow this simple, three-step method…

Step 1.  Create Shareable Material

If you want people to “Like” your Page, it has to be fascinating, interesting, engaging, fun, informative and, above all, shareable. When material is shared, it incites more “Likes” (more people see it!)

How do you create these qualities? Make it all about your fans – not all about you and your company.  This might seem like a contradiction since you created your Page strictly to promote your product, book or company, but it’s an easy strategy to implement if you keep your focus on:

  • What your fans would most enjoy hearing about
  • What would prompt them to eagerly share

For example, which news post do you think the fans of a Weight Loss Coach would be naturally eager to share:  A post stating that the Weight Loss Coach…


  • …is bored
  • …has discovered a new, free, fitness app that is just what readers have been wanting

If you make a habit of focusing on what your ideal fan wants to see, you’ll inspire more “Likes”.

Likes You Don’t Want

If you fall into the habit of being content with “Likes” from posts such as “having a bad day” from those close who know you, you are doing your Page actual harm.  These types of “Likes” are often grudgingly given – usually while the person pressing the “Like” button is thinking cynical thoughts like “when is Betti not having a bad day?”  And these likes have zero capacity to add social proof, build reputation, establish your expertise – or go viral.

In short, they’re “lazy Likes”; bad enough on a personal Timeline and the Kiss of Death on a Business Page.  They stop Pages from growing while endowing a pallid illusion of engagement.

Here’s the real deal:  You need both “Likes”… and shares.  One without the other doesn’t make the most of your Facebook Page – or grow it.  A “Like” without a comment may be a “lazy Like”. Focus on quality.

Step 2.  Advertise Your Page

3-ads-for-likesIf you already have a large number of Facebook friends who are also your target market, you may not find a need for this:  But advertising your Page to get it quickly up past thirty “Likes” is an inexpensive – and sanctioned – solution.

In fact, when you set up your page, you’ll see an instant and painless way to set up a Facebook ad to get more “Likes”.  Simply click on the “down” arrow to set your daily budget, and select the blue “Promote Page” button.

Your ad will instantly go live.


When you’ve got your thirty-or-more likes, simply access your Facebook Page Admin panel to stop your ad.  Click on the pencil icon to access the drop-down menu, and select “Stop”.


If you feel this simple ad is too basic and you’d like to target more accurately by using specific graphics, text and headline, Facebook Advertising and click “Create an Ad”.


Summary Of Getting LIkes On Facebook Page

We learned that getting likes enables you to determine your demographics, enable your tracking and analyzing your data to find out how your page is working.  We also discussed sitting on your hands and not continually working on getting more likes.  If you don’t work on bettering you Facebook page all the time you are not going to get the results you desire.


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