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Lists And Your Facebook Personal Profile

Using Lists On Your Facebook Personal Profile

Many marketers find that connecting with target audience members via Facebook personal profiles can really boost their Facebook Page strategy and success.  It is always recommended that you keep business strictly for your Page and personal strictly for your personal Timeline.  Yet certain communities virtually demand that strong personal connection.

And what about people who are already your Friends?  Do you risk taking them off your Personal Friends list and migrating them to your Page?

There is no one easy or correct answer.  You need to decide whether mixing business with personal on Facebook is the way to go for you and your business.


hide-facebook-friend-list-1AIf you do decide to mix these two different areas – or that you don’t want to risk losing valuable contacts by asking them to migrate – you’ll find this guide handy in helping you separate business from personal on your Timeline by using Lists.

The first thing you need to do, however, is…

Step 1.  Planning Your List-Based Strategy

Exactly who do you want to designate as a Friend, and who would be better placed within a List?  How many Lists do you need?  How can you exclude people from seeing certain posts, but not others?

Understanding how lists work, and what you can do with them, will help you plan more efficiently.

You can use a list to make sure people see (or don’t see) a particular post in one of two ways:

  • Automatically, from within your Settings
  • On an individual, customized basis, at specific post level

What you really don’t want to do is to confuse yourself!  So decide in advance:

  • How many lists you will need
  • Which ones will be business and how you will handle personal
  • How to create the broadest yet most specific List bases, to eliminate the common beginner mistake of splitting people into too many Lists

Step 2.  Setting up Interest Lists

Think of Interest Lists not so much as a way to segregate, but as a way to instantly access specialized news feeds. The easiest way is to look at your overall business communication online, and create Interest Lists based on specific business areas.

For example, you might want to organize your Lists into categories such as:

  • Business Peers
  • Potential Leads
  • Social Media Experts
  • Sewing Industry Leaders

In other words, if you click on the “Social Media Experts” Interest List in your left-hand, vertical menu, you will only see a Timeline full of feeds from those social media experts and Pages you have added to your “Social Media Experts” Interest List.

There is more than one way to create an Interest List.

  1. Set it up from your left-hand, vertical navigation menu

Run your eyes down your left-hand, vertical menu column until you see Interests.  (If you don’t see it, press the grey MORE link.)

To create a new Interest List, click on Add Interests.


You will immediately see tips and suggestions on who to add.  Ignore these, and press the Create List button.


Select people or Pages to add to your new Interest List.  Note that you have three easy, instant options for doing this:

  • Selecting from the left-hand, vertical category menu
  • Searching for a particular person or Page
  • Selecting a page from the page icons

4-choose-your-interests When you have selected all the people and/or Pages you want, click on the blue Next button down in the right-hand corner of this window.

Name your new Interest List and customize the Privacy settings.  Press Done.

5-name-and-settings on facebook Notice that at this point, you only have 3 options as to who can see your Interest List:

  • The general Public (everyone)
  • Your Friends
  • Only Me (i.e. you)

While Interest Lists can include specific people or Pages, the actual sharing of your Interest List is limited to these three, specific broad categories.

If you want to use your Interest List strictly as a private resource (e.g. your own personal resource of “Virtual Assistants” posts) set your particular Interest List to “Only Me”.

Once your Interest List is created, you can access it at any time instantly from your left-hand, vertical Timeline menu.


A new Timeline will appear, showing only feeds from people or Pages you added to that particular list.


(You can return to your regular, general Timeline at any time by pressing “Home” in your top menu bar.)

Lists And Your Facebook Personal Profile (continues)

In the next post we should be able to finish up this series. So stay tuned.

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