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Lists And Your Facebook Personal Profile 2

Using Lists On Your Facebook Personal Profile

Many marketers find that connecting with target audience members via Facebook personal profiles can really boost their Facebook Page strategy and success.  It is always recommended that you keep business strictly for your Page and personal strictly for your personal Timeline.  Yet certain communities virtually demand that strong personal connection.

How To Use Lists On Your Facebook Profile (continued)

Step 3.  Set up a List from within an App

You can also customize App settings so that only certain people receive your posts from that particular app.

Say you like to unwind by playing “Hidden Chronicles”.  Game posts are definitely not something you want your serious “Executive Finance” business contacts to see!

To customize your App to display posts only to fellow players:

  1. Access your Privacy Settings.


  1. Click on Apps in the new, left-hand menu that appears.


  1. Select your App from the list that appears.  (If you don’t see it listed, select Show All Apps from the bottom of the app list display.)


  1. Find your App and click on Edit.


  1. Click on Custom and select “Custom” again from the drop-down menu.


You can not only add individual people and lists on a custom basis, you can also exclude specific people and lists.


When it works well, this type of List-style sharing organization is handy and efficient.  But be careful:  It is prone to revert to default settings like “Friends” at any Facebook change.

Step 4.  Create a List person by person or page

This currently seems to be the most reliable way to create lists – this type of list doesn’t seem to “reset” in posts to default settings.

  1. When you want to create a list this way, click on the name of any person who you want to include in the new list.  Then hover your mouse over the Friend button, and select “Add to Another List” (even though you haven’t created your list yet).


  1. A new drop-down will open, showing all your lists.  To create a new one, slide down to the end of your selections and click on +New List.


  1. Type in the name of your new List.


  1. Now when you click on the your contact’s Friends button, you’ll see a tick mark beside the lists you’ve added her to.


You can then add other individuals to the new list in much the same way, (except that you’ll select the new List instead of selecting +New List).

Lists And Your Facebook Personal Profile (continues)

In the next post we should be able to finish up this series. So stay tuned.

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