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Using Lists On Your Facebook Personal Profile

Many marketers find that connecting with target audience members via Facebook personal profiles can really boost their Facebook Page strategy and success.  It is always recommended that you keep business strictly for your Page and personal strictly for your personal Timeline.  Yet certain communities virtually demand that strong personal connection.

How To Use Lists On Your Facebook Profile (continued)

Step 5. Making Sure You Know Basic List Dos and Don’ts

Lists are a handy way to make sure the right people see the right content from you – and that the wrong people don’t.

They also stop you boring people who don’t share certain passionate interests, while fully allowing you to indulge endless chat about those interests with those who do.

You do need to always keep two things in mind, however:

  1. If you share a Post with any sort of custom setting (including designating a List), that setting will remain your default post-sharing setting until you change it.

In other words, you may think you customized just one particular post – but what you actually did was change your default post setting.  So if your last post was sent out to all the artists in your Friday Night Painting Group and you share a post that you really want all your business acquaintances to see, they would not see it at all (and you’d be surprised at the lack of response.)

  1. Facebook is notoriously fickle.  Settings and the way they operate change without warning.  Treat everything you post as potentially public, and you’ll be less likely to post material that might jeopardize your job, offend the sensitive, endanger client relationships, or show your silly side to the terminally serious.


So always check the post settings button beside the blue Post button before you go ahead and share your next post.

Don’t ignore Facebook’s default lists, either.  Follow the rule of “why customize something, if we can do this more easily from a default”.

Make sure you know how each of the basic default Lists works, and make use of them.


Should I Use Lists or Groups In Facebook

If you put someone in a List, they have no way of knowing if they are even on one (lists are strictly organizational, for your benefit.)

If you create a Group rather than a List, every member of the group is emailed about every single post.  Groups are fantastic for creating tightly-knit communities around topics such as a particular diet method or craft or hobby.  But they should always be optional – send a personal invitation:  Never, ever add people to a Group without prior permission.

Lists are versatile, customizable and useful.  You can add people, remove them or have them on more than one list.

Lists do your Facebook contacts just as big a favor as they do you, by stopping them from receiving notifications they have zero interest in receiving – and making sure they receive notifications would never want to miss.

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