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Making A Facebook Page Marketing Team

Building a Facebook Page Marketing Team

Running a seriously successful Facebook Page is all about planning, time management and content.  Most people focus on the latter, and the first two concepts are usually under-utilized.

Planning your Facebook Page carefully in advance should tell you whether or not you need assistance – but before you dismiss the idea of creating a team (or at least bringing in an assistant), consider the advantages of working with others.

You can…

  • Brainstorm content ideas – and end up with powerful suggestions you might never have entertained otherwise
  • Make use of fresh eyes, so that your content doesn’t suffer from the “tree in a forest” syndrome


  • Get on with your specialty, direct money-making activities – the ones that put you in that place where time flies, and you feel guilty for calling it “work”
  • Schedule content creation efficiently
  • Make use of someone else’s passion for and expertise in social media marketing – a skill and zeal that may excel your own
  • Have backup content creation and Page management, should you be ill, go on vacation or suffer a family emergency

And the best part about Facebook Pages?  They allow you to add extra Admins.

You can add as many Facebook Page Admins as you like, but you must assign one of five Facebook-determined roles to each.  There is some slight difference in permissions…


What Admins Can – And Can’t – Do On A Facebook Page Marketing Team

Picking a team is an important business.  You need to be sure you choose people who are proactive; who connect with (and thoroughly know) your target fan base; and who are reliable.

It’s especially important with Facebook Page Admins:  Unlike giving access to your blog, you can’t set your own arbitrary limits what your extra Facebook Page Admins can do: Depending on their assigned roles, your Admins will have full access to…

  • Your Ads Manager
  • Your Facebook Insights
  • Your inside post data

They will also have the ability to use your account to:

  • Boost posts
  • Set up ads

So choose your Admins carefully and make sure they are a good fit before allowing access to your Facebook Page.


How to Add an Admin to your Page

It’s incredibly easy to add someone as an Admin.  Simply log on as your Page and you’ll find yourself straight in the Admin Panel.

  1. Click on the Edit Page tab.  A menu will drop down.  Select Manage Admin Roles.


  1. Enter your new Admin’s name or email address, and select the role you want to assign to them from the drop-down menu.


  1. Click on Save.  A window will open up.  Select Confirm.


Note that you can access your Admin Roles section any time in the same way to:

  • Change an Admin’s role
  • Add another Admin
  • Remove an Admin

Note that, according to Facebook’s Admin guidelines

How-to-Build-Your-Content-Marketing-Team1 7-excerpt-from-FB-admin-rules

This means you need to really trust the people who access your Page as Admins!

Requirements for Admins

Before you can add someone as an Admin, they need to:

  • “Like” your Page
  • Have their own personal Facebook account

Admins have access to your Page – but not to your personal Facebook Timeline.   All admins can see your Admin Panel and Page insights, as well as all posts made on the page – and posts others have made.  The only exception with the latter:  If a visitor has customized a post’s Privacy settings.

(Always remember that Pages and their posts are public by default.)

Facebook Page Team Summary

We will continue and conclude in our next post. See ya later.

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