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Making A Facebook Page Marketing Team 2

Building a Facebook Page Marketing Team

Running a seriously successful Facebook Page is all about planning, time management and content.  Most people focus on the latter, and the first two concepts are usually under-utilized.

Planning your Facebook Page carefully in advance should tell you whether or not you need assistance – but before you dismiss the idea of creating a team (or at least bringing in an assistant), consider the advantages of working with others.

Getting Your Facebook Page Team to Work Together:  Guidelines and Protocols

When you give even one more person full access to your Page, the first thing to ensure is that you are working together and not working at cross-purposes.

For example, you don’t want your Content Creator and your Manager both making a post within sixty seconds of your own post:  Every post should appear on its own, allowing enough time for views and responses, before the next one appears. And you don’t want an over-enthusiastic Advertiser to create a new ad campaign that is over your carefully-managed budget.  You want to guide your team and maintain control at all times.

8-team-control for a facebook page

These types of potential misunderstandings and fiascos can be avoided, if you set up guidelines and protocols make sure everyone has a copy and/or knows them – and make sure everyone sticks to them and uses them.  That is the best way not to get in your Admins’ paths, but to let them do their “thing” – without accidentally undoing anyone else’s work or weakening your Page.

Here are suggestions for avoiding potential conflicts and mistakes…

  1. Create written Guidelines and make sure everyone has a copy
  2. Identify your Facebook Page goal and focus within the Guidelines. Outline the target fan you wish to attract.
  3. Include a set of dos and don’ts.  Make these clear and definite.


  • What personal content can or cannot be discussed
  • Who does the posting
  • What specific type of media you do or don’t want anyone to use
  • What to do if a member can’t fulfill a responsibility
  • Who can add or remove other admins
  • When they will post
  • How many times per week they should post
  • What type of content they will be responsible for
  • How he or she will let you and other team members know when material is posted
  1. Lay out each team member’s responsibilities clearly
  2. If more than one person is posting, detail:

Tip # 1: Making different members responsible for different types of content can help avoid posts that are too similar

Tip # 2: Making each person responsible for posting on specific days can eliminate the need for notification over every post

  1. Predetermine meeting frequency and inter-admin communication protocols
  2. Designate who is going to be the voice and face for your Page.  (It should be the same person who answers fan comments and questions.)

9-designate-who is an admin on facebook page

  1. Decide who has ultimate authority over specific areas
  2. Agree on a check-in time to report on Page activity weekly or longer
  3. Clearly identify how you will handle each campaign

Deciding How Many

The real trick, however, is deciding on exactly how many Admins you need.  Unless your Facebook Page comprises an overwhelming majority of your general business strategy, most likely you will need either only one person to help keep your Page on a regular, interactive schedule, or you will add someone whose area of expertise is specialized (e.g. Advertising specialist; Insights Analyst)

10-thinking facebook page

Whatever number of Admins you decide on, make sure there is one Central manager that everyone submits questions to; or who sends new communications to the team.

Choosing the Right Admin

Before you sit down to consider your Admin choices, you need to think about one important factor:

  • What’s in it for your potential new admin?

People who do the best jobs are people with a strong, compelling motivation – ones who are passionate about:

  • The company
  • Their area of expertise
  • The people they are going to serve

And in the case of social networking, you want someone who is also passionate about communication.

11-communication on a facebook page Your new Admin should have a strong, vested interest in your Facebook Page success.  Look for people who:

  • Have a personal stake in your Page and Company success
  • Have the right personality to be or work in the public eye
  • Have a proven, goal-oriented track record – and references or testimonials
  • Are happy to work for the pay amount or other rewards you are offering
  • Demonstrate skill in the particular area you wish them to cover (e.g. making targeted videos)

Whether or not to create a team for your Facebook Page management should be built in to your general marketing plan right from the planning stage.

Facebook Page Marketing Team Conclusion

The more informed knowledge you and your Admins bring to the table, the more cohesive your Facebook Page will feel.

But be sure that, above all, it remains social, friendly, lively – and fun.

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