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Twitter For Business Guide 2

Twitter for Business Guides – Part 1: The Basics

Finding and Managing People

Twitter can be a fantastic tool for your business, but it all boils down to how well (and how often) you use it.

It’s like moving into a new neighborhood.  If you peep out the window with a pair of binoculars and watch everyone, you may know what is going on with your neighbors in microscopic detail, but you’re a ghost.  You’re invisible.  No one knows you exist.

6.    Retweet

Again, never retweet just for the sake of retweeting.  All that will do is quickly train your followers to ignore your retweets!

If you find something highly useful or interesting to your fellow niche members, however – especially if it’s something to which comments would feel superfluous – go ahead and retweet.


7.    Use Your #Discover Button

Another tab to check daily:  Your #Discover button.

Click on it, and other avenues for new contacts will open up.  For example, here we have clicked the Activity tab in the left-hand menu, and can instantly see that one business we are following in turn recently followed two new Twitter accounts…


If these new contacts look interesting, we can then check out their profiles by clicking on the profile photos and following them too.  (This where making sure during set up that we only followed people relevant to our niche and interests really pays off.)

(And it’s always nice to see that others follow you too!)


8.    Create and Use Twitter Lists

Did you know you can create and use lists on Twitter?  In fact, you can make up to 1,000 lists; each containing as many as 5,000 accounts.

It’s easy to create a Twitter list.  Here’s how…

  • Go to your profile, and click on the “Lists” tab in your profile left-hand menu
  • 11-listClick on the “Create list” button
  • 12-create-a-list
  • Name your list (25 characters or less) and provide a description.  Use your keywords.   Set whether or not your list will be public or private (for your eyes only) by clicking the radio button of your choice.
  • Save your list.

To add people to your list:

Twitter is all ready and waiting to help you with this task.  Simply enter into the textarea search box:

  • The Twitter handle of someone you already know
  • Your keywords; or a niche keyword

Select people or businesses from the results, and click the people-arrow icon to access its drop-down menu.

Then select: “Add or remove from lists”.


Select the radio button beside the list you want to add your contact into.


There’s no need to click “Create a list” unless you want to create a new one.  Simply checking the radio button will add your contact to that list.

You can also find and join already-established lists.

9.    Organizing Your Twitter Lists

If you think of Twitter lists as content curation, you’ll grasp their purpose quickly.  Each list is a straightforward collection of tweets from member, meant to be read only.  All list members will see every tweet to that list (providing they are subscribed to it).

One of the most basic parts of organizing your Twitter lists: Making them easy to find.

The easiest way to access a favorite list is to bookmark via your browser toolbar.  To do this:

  • Open your list so you are on its feed page with all its posts
  • Click on your browser’s “Bookmark” icon
  • Select either the browser Bookmarks bar or another bookmark folder to keep your list bookmark in.  (Tip:  Create a “Twitter Lists” bookmark folder if you want to bookmark more than a couple of Twitter Lists.)

10.    Finding Good Lists to Join

Finding a list to subscribe to couldn’t be easier, but it can be a painstaking process, if you don’t know the list name.  (Again, this is where having a highly relevant, focused stable of people you follow can help you save time.  Lists these contacts belong to are far more likely to align with your interests.)

    • Search for your favorite people (ones you are currently following) and click on a profile photo
    • Slide your eyes to the bottom left corner of the profile summary and click “Go to full profile”
    • From within their full profile, click on the Lists tab.  On the right-hand side, where tweets are normally displayed, you’ll find all lists they subscribe to.


      • Click on the name of any list you want to join.
      • When their profile opens, select “Subscribe”.


      Lists are great vehicles for quickly keeping up with the latest niche or industry news.

      Note that:

      • You are following the list – not individual users
      • If a user you’ve blocked is on that list, you will still see their posts
      • You can reply to any post on a list
      • You can retweet any post on a list
      • Private lists (lists checked as “private” by the owner) will not be available to you
      • You may not see every tweet on the list, unless you follow every person and no one has blocked you

      11.    Other Ways to Follow (and Find) Followers

      You can visit individual websites and blogs to connect through Twitter badges and icons displayed there.  You can also find likely followers (and people you’d like to follow) by using hashtags.

      A hashtag is a marked keyword – the marker being the “#” symbol.

      Example: #firstdayofschool

      In fact, there are many more ways to find followers and people to follow on Twitter. But your most important method of growing and managing followers?  Tweet regularly and daily.

      Find out when your best audience likes to tweet.  Post, and hang out long enough for anyone to respond.  (Don’t just post-and-run!)


      Be real.

      After all, you’re part of the neighborhood.

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