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Twitter For Business Guides 2 (conclusion)

Twitter for Business Step-By-Step Guides – Part 2:  Advanced

Managing Your Brand on Twitter

Branding strategies just help people identify your business or product:  They create it.  The more people see your branding elements in a bigger variety of location, the more firmly your brand will become established in their minds.  They know what to expect from you – and until your brand is well established, this relationship-trust building block is your biggest asset.  That’s why it’s important that all your branding efforts go towards reinforcing your company “message” and mission.

Twitter is just one of the many social networks that can effectively help you build your brand.  Let’s focus now solely on this objective…

Twitter Guides Steps (continued)

Step 4.  Make it Mobile

It’s no accident that Twitter tweets are based on SMS text messaging format.  That’s probably one reason why study stats from sites like Salesforcemarketingcloud.com (Buddymedia) and the now-defunct Compete.com seemed to show that mobile users preferred Twitter over Facebook (especially if they also use Pinterest, which has largely replaced Instagram).

For example, you can:

  • Create and brand your own indispensable app
  • Brand your logo right into your QR code
  • Use QR codes in your campaigns
  • Run mobile contests
  • Use mobile micro-videos via Vine – and don’t forget to credit and acknowledge your followers

If your target customer is a big mobile user – and who isn’t, these days? – keep that in mind and decide how you can best use mobile technology to brand your business.

Ten Top Twitter Branding Tips

1.    Follow Branding Magazine on Twitter for useful tips and case studies.

2.    Don’t use more than two highly-relevant hashtags – maximum!

3.    Brainstorm, research, plan and implement focused campaigns.

4.    Create and use hashtags in a campaign – as the white house did with overwhelming engagement when they tweeted “What does #40dollars mean to you?”.

5.    Cross-promote your campaigns simultaneously over Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for maximum reach.  (Make sure you promote and share your campaign from your website or blog!)

6.    Be interactive.  Take notes from successful Twitter branding campaigns such as Pepsi’s irresistible spin the wheel (highly promoted through Twitter).


 7.    Always leave room for retweets and replies. It’s now common knowledge, after several studies, that tweets with less than 100 characters have as much as a 20% higher retweet rate

8.    Turn your focus 100% on followers – as Starbucks did with their invitations for followers to post their own photos in their Frappuccino sipface campaign

12-sipface for twitter

9.    Search these hashtags (separately and together) for instant news relevant to Twitter trends and potential brand strategies:  #twitter, #stats, #infographics.

10.  Be original – as Ben & Jerry’s were when inventing the #FairTweets campaign (one of the most successful Twitter hashtag campaigns ever!

The premise was simple: For every tweet under 140 characters, Ben & Jerry’s would use the remaining characters to promote fair trade. The fact that each #FairTweet post would be unique (and reader-generated) rapidly made this campaign go viral.


Twitter For Business Guides 2 Conclusion

Here’s the biggest secret:  When it comes to Twitter branding tactics, strategies and campaigns, there’s no wrong or right way – just the wrong or right way for your unique target customer or client.

Do your homework.  Check your facts.  Keep a tweet Fodder File and plan your content for consistent feel.  Have one person handle all your tweeting.  Make sure they know (a) your objectives (b) your policies and rules (c) your company mission.

Keep your Twitter “voice” consistent, so your followers know what to expect from you.  And don’t be afraid to be real – that’s what makes people qualify or disqualify themselves as followers, increasing your Twitter value.

Twitter often and factor it into your business plan.  Follow these tips, take the time to implement them diligently – and watch your branding power increase.

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