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Using Pinterest To Grow Your Influence 6

12 Ways To Get More Pinterest Followers

The more relevant followers you get on Pinterest the more you’ll rack up likes, comments, click throughs and re-pins. The more interaction you get, the more influential you’ll become. Therefore, learning how to get more followers is an essential element to becoming a major source of influence on Pinterest.

Methods To Get More Pinterest Followers (continued)

10) Contribute Freely to Other Boards

When you are invited to a group or collaborative board that is relevant to your niche, try to contribute something meaningful to it as soon as possible. By contributing regularly to other boards you’ll up your influence quotient exponentially. Be very particular about what you contribute so that it fits their audience and yours. Think of it kind of like guest blog posting. You want to attract your audience, but you need to fit in with their style.

Create your own collaborative boards and invite influential people who follow you to contribute. Only invite people you trust to collaborate on a board with you. You don’t want someone who is 12-contests on pinterestgoing to post overtly advertorial content or inappropriate content. You can set up guidelines for pinning, and you can also create an open board where people can request to pin to it. All of the above are great ideas.

11) Have Contests Regularly

Contests allow you to collect followers, you can run a combined contest through Facebook requiring entries to follow you on Pinterest. As long as you follow the contest rules, you will reap the rewards. But, it’s important to have contests on a regular and ongoing basis if you’re going to do it. It’s also important to have a goal in mind for the contest.

If you want more followers, more interaction, etc… make that clear in your contest guidelines and requirements for participation. You can have contests for entire boards, as well as individual pins. People have comment contests, re-pinning contests, photo submission contests, and even customer appreciation contests. It’s up to you how you do it, just follow the rules and do it regularly.

12) Be Interesting and Informed

There is no point putting up boring pins that no one cares about. Make sure that every board you create, and every pin you add to a board has a purpose 13-users of pinterestand is interesting to your audience. If you keep your audience in mind with every creation you make, you’ll become very influential among your audience.

While you’re being interesting it’s also important to be informed about your niche. If you don’t understand your niche well enough, it will be hard for you to go from zero to influential on Pinterest. Take the time to learn your subject matter, check the veracity of information before you share, and don’t be afraid to disagree with popular people based on that research. If you’re informed and interesting, you’re bound to become influential too.

In Conclusion Of Pinterest Growing Your Influence

You now have enough information to get started on your road to pinning your way to influence. It won’t be long before you are taking advantage of Pinterest’s free service for both personal and professional reasons. Pinterest has provided a user-friendly website with appealing graphics and helpful plug-ins that can be used on your website and blog, as well as a useful and creative way to interact with your audience.

Pinterest began as a beta site just a few short years ago as a way for others to share what they love and create virtual bulletin boards for all their favorite things. Now users are amazed with the potential of the site and can’t wait to share with their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, 14-conclusion of pinterest influenceand acquaintances. As a smart person with information to share that will be of interest to your niche audience, you stand to benefit from the millions of members that visit the site each month.

In order to pin your way to influence keep these takeaways in mind:

Don’t Advertise — Be more than just a company advertising a business. Think beyond advertising to create interesting and entertaining infographics and visual elements to share with your audience that they will enjoy sharing too. Create information that will pull heart strings, entice a giggle, or make people think of the data you provide in a new way.

Be Social — Social media, is after all, supposed to be social. Become involved in Pinterest and with the users of Pinterest. Communicate with the other users and all the creators of amazing and awe-inspiring pinboards. Share other people’s pinboards, and make useful and smart comments. It will only enhance your experience and increase your influence.

Be Creative — Use the virtual pinboard site as a way to express your creative side both as a business owner and as a lover of beautiful things. Even if you’re an accountant, there are ways to express numerical data in new and visual ways that will make people take notice. Let your imagination flow.

Remember your Audience — When using Pinterest for marketing and advertising a product, service, website, blog, or build influence among a group — always keep the viewers and consumers in mind. Put yourself in their place every step of the way, and imagine what you would want to learn from your time on Pinterest. Remember to think in terms of solving problems and answering questions and your influence will grow.

Check Your Metrics — By knowing what works (and what doesn’t work) you’ll be better able to determine where to spend your time. If you check the numbers, you won’t be mistaken and waste your time on creating pinboards that no one pays attention to. Being aware of metrics will help you to increase your potential and become a true influential leader in your niche on Pinterest.


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