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 Shared content on the web isn’t limited to written words or YouTube videos. Now thanks to the arrival of several mobile apps like Socialcam, (https://socialcam.com), everyone with an Android or iPhone can now create and share short videos.  Socialcam is a free smartphone application that makes sharing videos with friends easy.


Socialcam offers unlimited video length and storage of your videos in the cloud. Exclusive video filters and fast upload that works in the background.  Socalcam allows you to have private accounts and private videos. Videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or through Email.

Getting Started

Begin by downloading the Socialcam mobile app by clicking on the iPhone or Android button. Once the app is installed on your phone, registration is simple. You can register through Facebook, Twitter or through your email. If you choose Facebook, you can set the privacy controls to control what is shared.

Immediately after registering your account you can begin following others.  You can choose to follow through your personal network and the featured users or simply hit the Follow All to get started quickly.

Videos2-follow on socialcam

The videos tab works sort of like a news feed.  This is where you navigate all the features of Socialcam.  Some of the tasks you can do are sort through your friend feed, control your profile settings, switch between manage social settings and manage your general settings.

Your personal profile page shows your own video fee as well as who you are following and who is following you. You can also see comments left on your videos and tags.


The Popular tab displays videos that are gaining in popularity. These are based on views and likes. Use the popular tab to see what other users are into.

Trends, similar to Twitter, lets you see what the trending topics are.

The Friends tab is basically what it says it is. Use this tab to see who is following you and who you are following.

The Friends tab lets you invite friends from your phone.

The Activity tab is similar to the Facebook activity log.  Here you can see a list of your actions including comments, likes and views.

Camera Mode


The big red button in the bottom center of your screen is the most important part of Socailcam. This is the camera.  Tap the button to access the camera.

Uploading Videos On Socialcam

If you want to upload a video you’ve already recorded on your phone, tap the Library button to browse for it.

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