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Shared content on the web isn’t limited to written words or YouTube videos. Now thanks to the arrival of several mobile apps like Socialcam, (https://socialcam.com), everyone with an Android or iPhone can now create and share short videos.  Socialcam is a free smartphone application that makes sharing videos with friends easy.


Touchscreen Commands

Us your finger to move around in the camera to create a video. Swipe your finger left or right to choose a filter. To focus, tap on a section of the screen. To zoom in or out pinch the screen.


Socialcam’s filters are a lot like Instagram.

The filters include Grunge, Kodak, Sepia, Watercolor, Action, Negative, Mono, Blackboard and several others as well as the No Filter option.


 Titling and Privacy Settings5-post

Tap the record button again to stop recording. You’re taken to the title page where you can put a name to your project. On this page you can choose who you want the video to be visible to. You can share it with all Socialcam users, to your friends or keep it private.


Click on the preview button to view the video before you publish it.


There is no limit on the length of your Socialcam video.

Socialcam works on iOS 5.0 and above, as well as most Android phones.

Videos can be deleted if you no longer need or want them.  To delete one, click on the more button under the video. Click the gear icon at the top and then click delete.

You can @mention/reply to a user by tapping the @button on your keyboard along with the user’s name when writing your comment.


Post often. With the app’s easy to use interface, it’s easy to keep a continuous flow of video content on your blog or social media outlets. You can make simple and interesting videos and post often, preferably two or three a week. With Socialcam’s activity news feed, the more you post the more you keep your business brand in front of users.

Repurpose existing content by using ads you’ve already created. Change the video by using a different filter or soundtrack from the original one.  Easily crate ads with limited resources.

Encourage interaction with your market. Use probing questions in your videos while inviting followers to answer in their own videos. Creating buzz around your videos brings in those who aren’t familiar with your business.

Don’t start a conversation on one video only to abandon it when the next video comes out. Moderate comments and give answers to questions.

Socialcam Video Sharing Conclusion

Socialcam is a free video sharing application for most smartphones. Its ability to create quick videos and let you share and interact easily makes it a good choice for marketing.

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