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Video Marketing: Beyond YouTube and Google+ Hangouts

4 Fun Apps You Can’t Live Without

  • Instagram — You’ll need to5 video apps download a video recording app and Instagram app to your phone, if your phone doesn’t already have it, but once you do just record, stop recording, then share your video to Instagram. There are apps for iPhone and Android phones. Your videos on Instagram need to stick to 3 to 15 seconds long. The awesome filters that Instagram offers can make your videos as beautiful as your images. Get it from the Apple App Store, or from Google Play.
  • Vine — This is the mobile app offered by Twitter to help you share short video clips. It’s similar to Instagram. Download the app to your phone so that you can create, edit and sent short videos that are just a couple of seconds long. You can get it from the App Store or Google Play.
  • SocialCam — This mobile social application for both Android and iPhones lets you capture and share videos to share online and with other mobile users. Friends can see what videos you’re watching and sharing easily on social media like Facebook. Not only can you create great videos with the software, but you can also add titles and a soundtrack to them.
  • Videolicious — This is actually video editing software that will make your HD recordings look fabulous. You can take still shots from your mobile phone and put them in order, put them to sound, and make a wonderful show. You can add your message easily to create excellent professional looking videos that you’ve taken with your mobile device, webcam, or any type of video. Pricing depends on your use: personal business, or business plus.

How to Let Go of Your Insecurity and Get Creative

You’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed right about now. This is a lot of information to absorb. But, the truth is, most people just get in the way of their own ability to be creative. They let their insecurities and lack of knowledge stop them from actually trying something new and learning something in the process.

  • Set Goals — Decide on the fact that you’re going to create at least one video for your business. Then set goals for the video. Define how long it will be, and what it will contain. You can repurpose information that you’ve already created in some other fashion into a short 2 to 3 minute video if starting something totally new freaks you out.
  • Be the Expert — You may not be an expert in creating a video yet, but you are an expert in your business and in your niche. Don’t allow your inexperience with video make you lack confidence in your expertise.
  • Enjoy the Process — Nothing is going to go perfectly the first time. You’ll likely feel the need to make many different “takes” and start over a lot. You may need to adjust the lighting, or the sound, or change your script or create a script if you didn’t. Remember that the learning will come with the process. Enjoy it. 6-set-goals for video
  • Start Small — Don’t set out to make a 20 minute tutorial video from the start. Do something small. How about recording a planned Google Hangout, then the entire thing isn’t even about you, it’s about everyone. This can be a small way to get into video with something you already have planned. The more you do, the more confidence you’ll build.
  • Take Risks — No one became famous or succeeded in anything without putting themselves out there taking a risk. Risk is part of doing business. There is no guarantee that anyone will even look at your videos, but there is no reason why they won’t, and why they won’t be a huge success. Take the risk so that you can find out.


The important fact to take away from this is to ignore your negative self-talk and go forward with creating your first video. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t even have to be great. But, you need to get started because that’s half the battle. Your competition is going to start doing video if they haven’t already. The onus is on you to differentiate yourself and that’s easy because you’re the only one who is uniquely you.

Social Video Marketing Continues

So far it has been 3 posts concerning social video marketing, and we still have about 2 more posts to finish this series. So stay tuned for the remainder.

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