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From Creating to Marketing Your Video For the Most Exposure

Just like you have to market every single blog post you create, every single product you create, and every service you create, you must also market your videos with the same fervor. It’s just not true that if you create it, they’ll come. You’ll employ many of the exact same marketing channels and practices that you do now to market your videos.

  • Remember SEO — Search engine optimization cannot ever be overlooked, not even for videos. In fact, it’s more important because the search engines will not know what your video is about if you don’t include keywords in your title.
  • Use All Areas to The Max — Use the description area of your video to include even more keywords and information about your video, including a link to your website for more information. Don’t overlook any space that can be used to maximize keywords and information for viewers.7-tags for videos
  • Use the Right Tags — While some question the use of tags on blog posts today, using tags on videos is still important, because that is how the search engines, as well as humans, know what this video is about. Use both short tail and long tail keywords in the tags.
  • Promote Across Social Media Accounts — Where appropriate share, embed, and Like your own videos across all social media that you use and that your audience uses.
  • Use Automation — HootSuite has a great feature where you can keep promoting your videos over time. You can actually schedule your videos to be re-promoted at any time interval you want. This is a great way to promote your videos that contain evergreen content.
  • Add To a Playlist — Once you create multiple videos, there may be topics that you can group together into a playlist for different sets of videos. Playlists will increase viewership because then your video will appear in suggested video lists.
  • Choose a Strong Thumbnail — You can choose the first view of your video or the thumbnail view for people to see. People do judge a book by its cover, so try to choose the best thumbnail that begs people to watch your video.

A final note about marketing your videos; remember when you create the video to end the video strongly with a call to action. Ask the viewers to “like”, “share”, “comment”, “vote” or whatever it is that you hope to achieve with the video. If you don’t tell them what to do, they may do nothing. If you can create a standard opening and standard ending to most of your videos, you’ll make this part a lot easier for yourself.

30 Video Ideas You Can Use for Any Niche

One of the hardest things about making videos is not actually making the video; it’s coming up with the ideas for your videos. But in reality, that isn’t that hard either if you remember how to let go and open up your creative side. Use an app to help you, such as Evernote, to keep track of ideas as they flow to you. You’re probably going to come up with great ideas as you least expect it, so it’s important that you capture those ideas when they come to you so that you don’t forget.

To get you started here are 30 video ideas you can use for marketing your business. Maybe it’ll release some of your creative juices and get you started down the path of becoming a video marketing mogul.

  1. Repurpose & Reuse — If you have a blog, you have at least one, if not hundreds of pieces of material you can use for a video. Any one of your blogs can be used to create a great video. Even if you read the blog post word-for-word, using creative illustrations, you’ve done it; you’ve created your first video.
  2. Branding — Using videos to brand your business is very important. You can create a set opening and closing for all your videos, as well as use a watermark on the videos that showcases your business8-branding-stamp for videos so that no matter what the video is about, the viewer knows where to go to see more.
  3. Co-Branding — Why not ask for help from others? Sometimes it’s fun to work with others on small partnerships when it comes to videos. Be sure to create co-branding information for the videos that you do together.
  4. Products Descriptions — A really great way to use video for your business is to describe each product that you want to promote. Hold up the product, or show the product and how it works in a short video.
  5. Service Descriptions — Even if you’re a service provider, you can actually use a video to demonstrate how you do your job and what the services you do mean. If you create awesome Facebook Covers, video tape the process, speed it up, add music and brand the video. There you go. You’re welcome.
  6. Instructional Videos — Whether you have products or services, instructional videos are very popular ways to market your business. It doesn’t really matter what you want to teach someone; put it together.
  7. How To Videos — Some people worry about “giving away the farm”, but you can do how to videos that show people how to do what you do for pay, and they’ll still hire you because they don’t want to do it. Yes, a few will go on to do it themselves, but you can bet they’ll recommend you to others.
  8. Training Videos — With the success of Khan Academy, there can be no underestimating the power of training videos. No matter what your business, you can train others in what you’re the expert in doing.
  9. Transactional Videos — You can create videos that aren’t free to watch but you put a small part of it up for viewers to see, then have them go to your membership site to sign up to see the rest.
  10. Testimonial Videos — Nothing is more powerful than a testimonial video. You can both receive and give testimonial videos. Ask your customers to provide you with a testimonial video instead of a written video and be amazed. Do some for your business associates to get it started.
  11. Personal Video Messages — Sometimes, even if your point is business, it’s okay to get personal in your videos. People like to get to know you. Show yourself on vacation, or enjoying family time. Your clients will love it.
  12. Round Table Videos — On Google Hangout you can do a Video Round Table with up to 10 people and record the entire thing. You can also use services such as ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice to record  and then edit and post so that multiple people can be involved.9-newspapers for videos
  13. Talk About a Newsy Item — Pick something from your niche; that is related to what you do, affects your business and is in the news to talk about. You can set up a Google Alert to help you come up with these news items. You can tell your viewers what you think about the news bit.
  14. Question & Answers — This is always a very popular way to create a quick video. Anytime you get a client or potential customer question, turn it into a quick 2 minute video.
  15. Coaching Minute — This is kind of like the question & answer format, but instead you choose one thing to focus on for just one minute. Everyone can watch a video for one minute and you can teach a lot about your niche in one minute.

Social Video Marketing Concludes In The Next Post

I know this has been a rather long series, but I had to cover a lot of material and I hope that you enjoy it.  See you in the next post.

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