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From Creating to Marketing Your Video For the Most Exposure

Just like you have to market every single blog post you create, every single product you create, and every service you create, you must also market your videos with the same fervor. It’s just not true that if you create it, they’ll come. You’ll employ many of the exact same marketing channels and practices that you do now to market your videos.

30 Video Ideas You Can Use for Any Niche (continued)

  1. Series of eCourses — You can create a series of eCourses that you will video tape and distribute either via membership site, email, or another method. Make each course no more than 10 minutes long. Put about 10 videos in the entire course.
  2. Record Webinars — If you’re in a webinar, 10-record-webinar on videoor giving a webinar, make sure to record it so that you can repurpose it. A lot of times you can even cut down one webinar to a lot of small videos.
  3. Demonstration Videos — Want to demonstrate to your viewers how you do things in your business? They’ll love seeing it. Just get someone to video tape you, or you can record your desk top to show how to edit a video, how to create an eBook, or whatever it is that you do.
  4. Create a Book Trailer — Most business owners today try to publish a Kindle book or a Paper book as a calling card to their businesses. If you’ve done that, why not create a book trailer using video?
  5. Product Teasers — Are you in the process of creating new products or services? If so, create short thirty second teasers about the new product or service to whet the appetite of your customers.
  6. Do Interviews — You can both give interviews to other movers and shakers in your industry or you can be interviewed, either way; record it as a video, and there you have another video. If an interview is especially long, it can become more than one video.
  7. Get Personal — Is something really affecting you that you want to tell your audience about, that is both personal and somehow business related? Maybe you want to donate to a charity, or you’re going to run a marathon. Whatever it is, your viewers will want to know.
  8. Be Funny — Change the special effects for your video to look like a cartoon. This works really well during various holidays. You can do something really unexpected on April Fool’s day. Who knows; it could go viral.11-music for video
  9. Make a Music Video — You probably have the equipment right on your computer to auto tune your voice and make one of your videos a musical. Try it; again, this is a great way to teach something yet go viral and be memorable.
  10. Document a “Day in the Life” — No matter what your niche is, people are curious about what you do in a day for your business. Why not document it, speed it up, and put it to music. Your viewers will love it.
  11. Say Thank You — Everyone likes to hear “thank you”, including your viewers. Taking time out at least once in a while to tell them thank you will go far in them wanting to continue to watch you.
  12. 3 Tip Videos — You want your videos to be short and to the point, while getting a good message across. Three thing videos or three tips videos are perfect for any niche.
  13. Shout Out Video — Are you super impressed by someone in your niche, whether a competitor or a person who works in a complementary fashion to your audience, or maybe even an affiliate? Shout out to them and name them by name and let them know how you feel about them. You can also respond in the negative to another video you disagree with. Tread cautiously.
  14. Ask for Contributors — Always remember that everything doesn’t have to always be completed by you. You can ask for contributors to submit videos about various topics.  You’ll add your branding, and put the video on your channel, while promoting them and yourself.
  15. Be Random — Sometimes not even having a plan and just letting nature take its course is a great idea. Start talking and see what happens. You may create your very best and most watched and most informative video yet. Throw a dart at your main subjects and talk off the cuff about it.

These thirty ideas should give you a start in helping you think about the videos you want to create. Remember that video marketing goes way beyond Google+ and YouTube, but in many cases they do start there. Get started, and your business may just explode like never before with some creative video marketing.

In Conclusion For Social Video Marketing12-thats-wrap as they say in video

If you’ve gotten anything out of this report it’s that you need to get involved with Video Marketing and make it an integral part of your marketing plan. Don’t just think in terms of Youtube.com and Google+; think outside the box and be creative. Just go for it. Don’t be afraid; you already have what it takes. You’re already an expert. You already have the software and the ability to do it. Nothing is stopping you but you.


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