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Submitting Your Podcast To iTunes 2

How to Submit your Podcast to the iTunes Store

Before you submit your podcast to the iTunes Directory, you need to know what their review staff is looking for.  Part of successful podcast submission consists of striving to meet these criteria as closely as possible.  Your aim is to be featured in “New & Noteworthy” for your category or even in “New & Noteworthy” on the iTunes general home page.

6.  Optimized Metatags

When you save your project and export as an .MP3 in your podcasting software, you’ll be given the opportunity to edit your ID3 tags and save them as a separate XML file.

There may be a few differences between programs, but you can pretty much guess where to put things.  ID3 fields are always presented as if you are recording music, so under “Album” put your podcast title, for example.  “Artist Name” would be your name.  “Track Number” would be your episode number, and so forth.


You can customize your input any way you choose:  For example, under “Artist Name”, you might put “Billy Bob Bushwhacker, TheWilyTracker.com.  Blogger.  Photographer.”

But don’t try to fit in everything but the kitchen sink:  Remember that the sole purpose of these tags is for…

  • Searchability

If you create a Featured podcast, you must update it regularly with new episodes (preferably within the last month).

[note]Note:  If the Genre drop-down doesn’t include “podcast”, just type in “podcast” manually.  If your software won’t allow you to do that, select any music category for now – You will be able to edit that field later in iTunes[/note]

  1.  Your Show Notes

Be sure to upload your Show Notes to your blog!  (Include a graphic to posts, to boost their readability and appeal.)


Step 3. Time to Upload!

Got all that done?  Good.  Now for the actual uploading process…

1.    Open your downloaded latest version of iTunes.  Go to the iTunes store, if iTunes opens up in any other location.

10-iTunes Store

Sign in (or create an Apple ID, if you have not yet signed up for iTunes).

2.    Test your feed in the iTunes Directory (store):

    • When you first open iTunes, select “Subscribe to Podcast” from the File menu
    • Enter your own RSS feed URL in the textarea box
    • Click “OK”

<3.    Submit your podcast.

  • From the iTunes Store, click the “Podcast” tab in the top, horizontal menu
  • Go to the Podcast Quick Links vertical, right-hand menu.  Select “Submit a Podcast” from the links contained in this section
  • Follow the instruction wizard
  • You’ll know you have succeeded when you see the Summary page.  If there are any missing tags, iTunes will prompt you for them.

There is no charge for submitting a podcast.

And that’s it.

…Well, maybe… not quite.  Apple’s iTunes podcast submission process is notorious for suffering unpredictable glitches, and not all of them are due to your computer and its operating systems and firewalls.  Apple itself sometimes pops up error messages like this one:

13-error message

Step 4. Troubleshooting

If this happens, don’t tear your hair out.  Instead, refer to the relevant section in the Making a Podcast manual, which goes into detail about specific podcast creation and upload processes.


Remember also that you will find a host of fixes and workarounds from real people like you who have already gone through the process of trying to solve problems at the Apple Support forum (currently the only way to get help from Apple – unless you are having a problem with an actual product purchase).


If you’ve taken care to prepare your podcast properly, your chances of a smooth upload increase significantly – and you should be promoting your new podcast series in no time.

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