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Mistakes To Avoid When Podcasting

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Podcasting On iTunes

When  podcasting for the iTunes Directory, your success potential is as much about avoiding mistakes as it is about creating great content.

Being aware of these top ten mistakes will help greatly reduce your chances of having your podcast rejected.

1.     Requiring your audience to login or provide a password to access your feed or episodes.

iTunes supports Basic and Digest authorization only.  Basic Authentication utilizes unencrypted base64 encoding, whereas Digest authorization encrypts podcast identity elements such as the requested URL, username and password in hash format.

The FAQ sheet provided by Microsoft for its Forefront Threat Management Gateway explains typical Digest and Basic authentication in more detail.

1-basic-and-digest-authentication for podcasting

Bottom line for laymen:  The iTunes Directory will not list password-protected podcasts.

2.     Placing explicit or adult-themed content (pictures or text) into your Title, Description or Cover art for your podcast.

2-no-explicit-content on podcasting

3-explicit-tagYou can have explicit language in the podcast itself, but you need to set the <explicit> tag to “Yes”:  However, Apple will not tolerate “offensive material”, such as “hate speech” or child pornography.

[Apparently] permitted words you can use in Titles – going by podcast titles served up in the iTunes directory – include:

  • Erotic
  • Nude
  • Sex
  • Sexy

But in spite of this, remember that Apple also cites as a reason for rejection: “strong prevalence of sexual content”.  Context and intent have much to do with approval. (A podcast to help you with your relationship has more chance of passing approval if it contains words like “sex” than something like “Wild Women and their Sexy Pranks”.)

3.     Not delivering on your cover and title promises. 

4- podcasting for-women

It’s okay to make the most of hot trends, like adding the words “for women” to your title: However, do make sure that the content of your podcast delivers on that promise.  The words “for women” mean exactly that; and if your content is generic and gender-less, and there is no tip that uniquely applies to women, your audience will feel (at the least) vaguely disappointed and (at worst) ripped off.

Make sure also that the graphic you use on your cover creates accurate associations in peoples’ minds with your podcast content, so that when they begin to listen, they never utter the dreaded words: “This isn’t what I thought it was, at all!”  (Hint:  Test your cover graphic out on subscribers, fans or forum members first).

Finally, make sure that your title says exactly what it means, is descriptive and can’t be easily misconstrued.  (Particularly watch out for unintended double meanings.)

Again, don’t make assumptions that everyone will associate your Title with its topic or content:

  • Test out your title on select subscribers, fans or forum members first.

Mistakes To Avoid When Podcasting Continues

We will continue listing the mistakes to avoid in the next post. See you then.

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