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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Podcasting On iTunes

When  podcasting for the iTunes Directory, your success potential is as much about avoiding mistakes as it is about creating great content.

Being aware of these top ten mistakes will help greatly reduce your chances of having your podcast rejected.

  1.   Not realizing you can submit both text-based and video podcasts to the iTunes directory
8-vodcasting xml-page

When you hear the word “podcast”, most people instantly think “audio file” or “listening”.  But iTunes allows you to upload podcasts with video (sometimes called “vodcasts”) as well as text-based podcasts in .PDF format.

Don’t neglect these alternative media formats:  Currently audio podcasts outweight vodcasts and text-based podcasts by miles – and that could be good news for you.

It means your competition is greatly reduced.

Of course, you always have to observe all the other rules of creating unique content and making sure you upload it with all technical requirements in place.  But the most important factor you should consider, when wondering whether or not to produce your podcast with video or in a text-based format, is two-fold:

  • “What would my audience prefer?  What is their learning style?”
  • “Is this the best media for delivering this particular content?”

There are a number of tutorials you can search for and easily access on the net such as this one showing you how to create iTune-compatible vodcasts (and lots of YouTube video tutorials too).

8.   Not making the most of podcasting promotional and marketing opportunities

9-podiobooks for podcasting

Among the most common mistakes in this area, it’s always disappointing to see experts intent on branding themselves failing to invest their time in making regular, weekly podcasts.  It’s such an easy way to reach an audience – and new members of your target audience. And producing one regularly not only becomes a habit for you, but a habit for your listeners too.

Not creating a stable of guest experts – potential JV partners, all – is another often-missed tactic; as is not putting enough thought and effort in your podcast cover photo.

Another missed opportunity:  Not at least considering putting your eBook in Podcast format, which you can easily do with Podiobooks.

Above all, realize the flexibility that podcasting allows.  Be a groundbreaker in your niche and industry:  Make sure that podcasting really works for you – in unique new ways that enhance your reputation.

9.    Uploading podcasts with no episodes

It doesn’t matter whether the lack of episodes is real or apparent:  iTunes is usually quick to remove podcasts without episodes.

10-no-episodes for podcasting

Sometimes the apparent lack of episodes can be caused by technical problems, feed problems or by incorrect XML data but whatever the cause – make sure you test, test, test your uploads.

(And never, ever deliberately upload a podcast whose subsequent episodes have not yet been created.)

10.     Not realizing that you can make the most of mistakes!

One final thought to leave you with:  “mistakes” is a search term everyone uses; in Google, on forums – and in the Apple iTunes podcast directory.

11-mistakes when podcasting

Consider creating a podcast with “mistakes” as a Title and description keyword:

  • Worst Mistakes
  • Common Mistakes
  • [Number of] Mistakes (e.g. “Ten Mistakes”)
  • How to Avoid [topic] Mistakes  (e.g. “How to Avoid Kitchen Mistakes”)
  • Making Mistakes
  • Beginner Mistakes
  • Mistakes… to Avoid

Search podcasts containing the keyword “mistakes” on the iTunes Directory to give yourself more ideas, to see what type of mistakes keywords are most popular – and which are overused.

But your biggest iTunes podcast of all?  Not making one in the first place!

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