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 Advertising On Facebook

1-facebookYou probably already use Facebook to connect personally and professionally through posts. But have you thought about advertising on Facebook? The average online advertising campaign reaches only 27% of its anticipated audience. Facebook on the other hand has an average of 91%. And with Facebook hosting over a billion people, your business gets in front of the right people.

In this report, you’ll discover how easy it is to begin advertising on Facebook.

Text and Links

Next you need to add text and links to your ad. You’ll be able to see a preview of your ad on the right side of your editing screen.

Fill in your ad headline and text.

Your ad must include a headline and text. It is limited to 25 characters for the headline and 90 characters for the body text.

Your headline will automatically be the name you’re advertising if it is a Page, app or event ad.

Tip: Text in your ad must be on target and straight to the point. Tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Choose your Audience

Now that you have your ad created, you need to identify your target audience.

Choose the options in each section to narrow your audience down to specifics.

 4-audience on facebook

Audience: This is the audience size estimation to the right of your selections that indicate the total number in your target audience. This is the number of people you ad has the opportunity to reach if your bid and budget are large enough.

Location, Age and Gender: Select the basic demographics you want to reach.

Precise Interests: Select the specific interests your audience has. These are determined by people’s connections such as Pages or apps.

Broad Categories: Select the broader groups of people, based on their Activities, Family Status or Music genres.

Connections:  Choose whether or not your audience is connected to any of your Pages, apps or events. If someone has a friend who is connected to what you advertise they can see your ad.

Remember, though, that having several options selected can limit your audience to people with those parameters.

It’s very important to target your audience. Segment your audience down to the smallest increments.

Name your Campaign and Schedule

Give your campaign a name, select your budget and set the schedule for your campaign.

Your campaign name will be pre-populated with identifiable details. You can change this if you like, but make sure it’s something you can easily identify it from other ads later on.

Choose your campaign schedule. Choose either Run my campaign continuously starting today or select Set a start and end date to select a specific start and end time.

Campaign Budget

The cost for your Facebook advertising depends on the size of your audience and your budget.

If you choose to run your campaign continuously, you should choose a per day budget. Choose a lifetime budget if you know how long your campaign will last. 5-campaign on facebook

 Unless you’ve chosen Advanced Options in the goals section, the amount you pay is for impressions (CPM) that are optimized so your ad shows to the best targeted audience for your goal.

Facebook Advertising Conclusion

The last step is to review your ad by clicking the Review order. Once you have reviewed your ad, place your order.

Advertising on Facebook is a cost effective way to connect with your audience. And setting up an ad is quick and easy.

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