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People use Twitter to bring them closer to the things they care about, find out the news that affects them and learn about the business they visit. Every day there are over 400 million Tweets and 200 million active users. When you advertise on Twitter, your ad is promoted to users with the same interests

In this report, you will find out how to set up your own Twitter ads.

Getting Started

Begin by logging in to ads.twitter.com to start advertising on Twitter.

Login to your account or set up an account if you aren’t already on Twitter.

Next you’ll need to choose your country and time zone settings. These are used for the type of currency you’ll be billed in, taxes and your account reports. Please note: you won’t be able to change the settings later; these are permanent.

Another option is to go to business.twitter.com and click the sigh up for Twitter ads. Choose your location and monthly budget range.

Determine whether you want a Promoted Account or Promoted Tweets

2-campaignWhat are Promoted Accounts?

Promoted Accounts help businesses quickly grow relevant followers. These accounts are suggested to users that don’t currently follow you but may find interesting. The suggestions are labeled promoted to distinguish them from normal accounts.

How to set up a Promoted Account

Click on the New Promoted Account campaign button.

Give your campaign a title you can easily remember.

Determine how long you want the campaign to run. The default is to run continuously which means you ad runs until you stop it or your budget limit runs out.


The other option is to run your campaign for a set period of time. Use this option if you are running your ad along with a sale or limited time offer, a conference or other event or a specific season. Select Customize start and end dates in this case.

Choose your targeting options. Here you can add @usernames to reach users with similar interests. Twitter gives you more recommendations to use.

Add categories of interest to use for targeting in addition to the usernames.

Choose all the locations you are trying to reach.

Finally choose whether you want to limit your target by gender or not.

Set up your budget, discussed below and then click save campaign. You can choose from three options: Launch campaign, Save as draft and exit, or Modify details.

Tips for Success

Use a recognizable image in your profile that clearly represents your brand.

Be authentic. Your bio should be clear and informative.

Post engaging Tweets.

Keep the interests you target relevant.

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