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People use Twitter to bring them closer to the things they care about, find out the news that affects them and learn about the business they visit. Every day there are over 400 million Tweets and 200 million active users. When you advertise on Twitter, your ad is promoted to users with the same interests

How To Set Up Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets let you get your message out to the right people. You pay only when a user clicks on a tweet, retweet, reply, favorites or follows your tweet.

Click the New promoted tweets campaign button.

Give your campaign a name.

Choose how long you want to run the campaign, either start immediately and run continuously or customize start and end dates.

Choose who you want to target. Use keywords to target certain interests and followers of specific keywords. You’ll want to target interests and followers to reach people who have specific interests. Or you might target Television to reach people who engage with specific television programs.

Select what devices or platforms you want to target. Choose IOS devices, Android devices, desktop and laptop computers, blackberry phones and tablets or mobile web on other devices.

Tweets can be set to manually select tweets to promote or create tweets to add. To promote existing tweets, select the Manually select Tweets option. Check the Hide@replies box. Click the box on the Tweet you want to promote. Try to select a variety of around 4 to 6 Tweets each week.

To automatically promote tweets, select the Automatically promote recent Tweets option. Twitter will promote up to five of your most engaging Tweets. You don’t have to write and ad, you just continue to post Tweets in your timeline like you normally would.

Set your budget and click save campaign. You can choose to Launch campaign, Save as draft and exit, or Modify details.

Tips for success

Create campaigns for different customer segments.

Include 10 or more @usernames and interests that are tightly grouped. Use the People search function on Twitter to find more @usernames.

The Estimated audience size box on the right of your page gives you an idea of how many users are in your target area.


Now you need to enter your budget.

Set the total budget. This is optional. Once this maximum limit is reached your ad campaign stops.

Set the maximum daily budget. Set this according your goals. Your ads will stop appearing once that limit is reached. The minimum bid is $.01 per follow for Promoted Accounts and $.01 per engagement for Promoted Tweets.


Under your daily budget, you can select one of the two options on how you want your daily budget spend:

Standard delivery uses your budget equally throughout the day. This is the default setting that most Twitter advertisers use.

Accelerated delivery uses the budget as quickly as possible. This setting is good for running time sensitive Promoted Tweets such as during live events.

Enter the maximum amount you want to spend. Your maximum bid is the highest amount you will pay per engagement.

On Promoted Tweets you pay per engagement or for Retweet, reply, favorite or click anywhere on your promoted tweet.

You will only pay when someone follows your Promoted Account.

Click save campaign

Advertising on Twitter puts your tweets and brand in front of targeted users. Setting up a campaign to promote your account or promote your tweets is a simple and easy process.

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