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 LinkedIn is the social media site for businesses. With over 100 million users it’s a flourishing platform for professionals all over the world. If you are trying to reach other businesses then advertising on LinkedIn is a good place to begin. LinkedIn has very specific targeting options.

In this report we’re going to show you how to quickly set up your LinkedIn Ad Campaign.

Before you Begin

You need to know a few things before you start setting up your account.

You’ll need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn advertising. At the very least you will need to be registered on LinkedIn. Having a complete profile or company page is best though.

You need to know who your ideal customer for ad targeting purposes is.

A landing page customized for the product or service you are advertising targeted to your ideal customer should be in place.

You should have some idea of how you want your ad to look. Research how other ads look on LinkedIn.

Create several strong headlines, good descriptions, and compelling images for your LinkedIn ad variations.

Create Your Ad

Now you are ready to begin creating your ad.

To get started go to http://www.linkedin.com/advertising and sign in with your LinkedIn account. Click on start a now. If you’ve advertised on LinkedIn before you’ll be taken to your dashboard. In here, click the +New ad campaign on the right. Select Start new.

There are two options on the Create Ad Campaign. Choose the type you want either, create an ad or sponsor an update. With the Create an ad option you reach a targeted audience using ads featuring text, images or videos. The Sponsor an update lets you sponsor your existing updates so you can reach a broader audience.

 2-choose on linkedin

 Click on Create an Ad. Name your Campaign. Choose something you can remember. Only you will be able to see it.

Choose your language and media type. Basic is for text and image ads and video is for promoting a video.

You can create up to 15 ad variations in each campaign. Begin with Ad variation 1.

Choose your web page or a page on LinkedIn. With the “Your web page” you send members to your destination URL on your own website. For best results send them to a URL with a specific product or service your advertising instead of your homepage.


Add an image and headline.

Click on Add image. Here you can upload an image in PNG, JPEG, or GIF. The maximum size is 2 MB but will be resized to fit a 50 X 50 pixel square.

Click to enter a headline text. Create a clear, concise but attention grabbing headline. It should relate to your target audience.

Enter a short 75 character, 2-line description. Your description should communicate the benefits of your service or product. Don’t forget a clear call to action.

Click on the ad variation to open a new variation. You can use different images or text to test which ads performs best. You can have up to 15 ad variations.

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