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LinkedIn is the social media site for businesses. With over 100 million users it’s a flourishing platform for professionals all over the world. If you are trying to reach other businesses then advertising on LinkedIn is a good place to begin. LinkedIn has very specific targeting options.

In this report we’re going to show you how to quickly set up your LinkedIn Ad Campaign.

Target Your Ad

Once you have entered your ad variations, you need to set a target audience. You have the option to target your ad to people based on their location, company industry and size, job title and seniority, school they attended, skills, groups they belong to, their gender, or their age.

Choose at least one location to target. 4-target

Under Companies, select all, by name or by category. Category is by industry and company size. Under by name, enter a specific company name to target members of that company.

Under Job Title, select all, by title or by category. Under by title enter specific job title to target LinkedIn members that match. Under by category choose job function or seniority.

To narrow down even more, click on the more targeting options. Here you have School, Skills, Group, Gender and age range.

Click Next.

Campaign Options

Now you need to set your budget and length of time to run your campaign.

Choose Pay when someone clicks on your ad. This is Cost per click (CPC). You can select a bid amount your willing to pay. The suggested range is 2.14 to 2.26 USD. The minimum bid is 2.00 USD.

Choose Pay every time we show your ad. Cost per 1,000 impressions. The suggested bid range is the same as CPC.


Determine your budget for this campaign.  Your daily budget is the total amount you are willing to spend on each campaign per day. Once the daily budget is reached your ads won’t show any more that day. Your daily budget must be at least 10.00 USD.

Decided how long your campaign will run. Choose indefinitely or Until and set a specific date.

Turn on Lead Collection for this campaign if you want to turn clicks into qualified leads with just one click. This gives your audience a single button to ask to be contacted.

Click Save changes.

Enter your payment details.

Click Review order.

Tips for Success

Linked in ads appear in two places on their site, in the sidebar and as a text only version at the top.

LinkedIn ads can include an image, 25-character headline and 75-character description.

Use powerful copy and relevant images for great ads.

Narrow down your target audience to the most relevant options.

Always split-test several different variations of your ad campaign to see which works best. LinkedIn recommends at least three ad variations per campaign. Change the headlines, call-to-action phrase and the images.

In conclusion, advertising on LinkedIn is a viable option for business to business marketers. Easy to set up and manage these ads are highly targeted. With over 100 million users, your ad can be seen across the globe.

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