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Advertising Checklist For Social Media

 Social Media Advertising Checklist

Advertising on social media is a cost effective option for most small businesses. It can be overwhelming though when you try to remember everything you should be doing.

Use this handy checklist each time you create an ad campaign on one of the social media sites.

Before you Begin

  • I have set up my account for the social media site. I have already created my login, profile and uploaded my avatar.
  • I know my login and password information for the account I want to advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • I am using my Facebook business page instead of my personal page.
  • I have already set up my landing page, product and URL where I will be sending users.
  • I have researched how other ads look and know how I want mine to look.
  • I have created several versions of strong headlines, good descriptions with call-to-action, and decided on compelling images for each ad campaign.


  • I have researched who my customers are. I know the likes, their lifestyle, hobbies, work industry and gender of my ideal customer.
  • I have micro-targeted my ideal client down to precise categories.
  • I have segmented my target audience into different categories.
  • I have the right offer for the right audience.

Ad Goal

I have determined what I want this ad to achieve.

  • Generate leads
  • Convert sales
  • Get more Likes, tweets, retweets, follows.
  • Get more clicks on a particular post that goes to a landing page.

I have chosen the social media platform that best fits my niche.

  • LinkedIn is for Business to business markets. Have I targeted the decision makers?
  • Twitter is for news and trust building. Do my ads build trust?
  • Facebook for building relationships. Am I asking for likes and shares?
  • Pinterest caters mostly to women. Does my ad fit in with the images on Pinterest?

I have targeted the right audience.

I have narrowed down my target audience to specifics?

Social Media Advertising Checklist

The checklist will continue in the next post. Hope you are looking forward to it. See you then.

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