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Advertising Checklist For Social Media 2

Social Media Advertising Checklist

Advertising on social media is a cost effective option for most small businesses. It can be overwhelming though when you try to remember everything you should be doing.

Use this handy checklist each time you create an ad campaign on one of the social media sites.

Ad Types

I have chosen the right type of ad for what I am promoting

  • On a Page
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Sponsored account
  • Ad with Image
  • Video Ad
  • Apps


  • I have set a daily budget I am comfortable with.
  • I monitor how much I am spending on each ad.
  • I am going to run my ad indefinitely. (Optional) Good for getting leads and selling general products or services.
  •   I am going to run my ad for a set period of time. (Optional) Good for events, seasonal, or sales.
  • I stop ads that aren’t performing well.
  •  My bid is competitive.


  • My images are engaging and relevant.
  • I am using photos and animated GIFS.
  • My video is in the right post type on Facebook.
  • My images are the right size. I have uploaded the largest size allowable for each platform.
  • My images are clear and look professional.
  • My images draw people in. Use different images in each campaign.
  • I have included images with text. Images with calls to action or other text convert better than images alone.
  • I have included images with my logo. Colorful and engaging logos work best.
  • I make my bland logo colorful by using a bright border, background or text.
  • My images are tasteful.

Ad Content

  • I have created original content.
  • My text gets to the point. I have clear calls to action that doesn’t leave the audience guessing what I want them to do.
  • I provide useful and helpful content for free. I don’t just try to sell to potential customers.
  • I have set up contests and giveaways
  • My content is synced up with current events.
  • I promote upcoming events.
  • I focus on the benefits of what my product or service offers.


  • My paid post promotions are relevant.
  • My Tweets/posts are as engaging as possible.
  • Uselevant keywords or interests.
  • I do not use all capital letters.
  • I avoid using numbers for letters.
  • I avoid vulgarity and profanity.

Advertising Checklist For Social Media Conclusion

Advertising on social media is a great way for businesses to get customers. Having a checklist of what needs to be done will help out.’

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