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Build Your Brand By Sponsoring Offline Events

As an online business owner you may be overlooking a great way to build your brand. You probably blog, create information products, attend online events, and do many activities in which to increase your brand awareness, all online activities. But, did you know that you can host or sponsor offline events in your community to build your brand awareness? Well, you may not have before, but you do now.

There are many ways to either give an event, or to sponsor an event local to you. Let’s go over a few of the ways in which you can get your name known, and make lots of money in the process. First, let’s talk about hosting events. You host an event when you rent a venue, set the topic, and find speakers, or perform as a speaker yourself.

You can host the following events:

A Seminar — An event that lasts a day or more, usually conducted at a hotel, that offers classes, workshops, speakers, and other proceedings within the event. A seminar usually focuses on many segments of one particular over arching niche or topic.

A Workshop — A short, no more than four hour, hands-on event that focuses on one specific segment of a particular niche. It can be held anyplace that has room and technology.

A Class or Course — This can be a one-time, two-hour event, or it can be several hours broken up over several weeks. The course may be broad or specific in nature, depending on how long it is. Shorter classes are best when a narrow focus is chosen, longer if the topic is broad.

You can sponsor the following events:

All of The Above — Often people who organize the events mentioned above ask for sponsors to help pay for the event. In exchange, you often get a mention in the advertising, brochures, and other materials. Many times you can teach a class or hold a workshop at someone else’s event, or even be one of the main speaking attractions if your topic is needed.

Camber of Commerce Events — Your local chamber often has many different kinds of events where you can get known, thus expanding your reach outside of the online world. There are dinners, publications, and other sponsoring opportunities that will allow your business name to become known. By becoming known, if you ensure that you’ve told them what you do, offers will start to come your way.

Other Networking Events — Marketing groups, meet-ups, and other networking groups meet offline to not only get to know each other but to also promote your business, products and services. Sometimes, you can offer to speak at the events for even more exposure. Often this type of advertising is less expensive and more effective than other forms such as newspapers and magazines.

By taking your online business offline in the form of offline events, you’ll expand your reach substantially, increase brand awareness, and increase your profits significantly. Some tips to ensure that you build your brand and don’t get off track:

1. Keep Your Logo — If you have a logo or banner, keep your image the same online as offline.

2. Keep Your Colors — Like your banner, you want similar colors, if not the same colors to represent you both online and offline. Don’t reinvent the wheel just because you’re going offline.

3. Keep Your Target Audience — Your audience should not change, only the location in which you reach them should change.


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