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wikiHow Tutorial

Writing For wikiHow Tutorial

1-home wikihow

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “wikiHow is a web-based and wiki-based community, consisting of an extensive database of how-to guides. wikiHow’s mission is to build the world’s largest and highest quality how-to manual.”

wikiHow is a site that allows writers to contribute and edit their content as well as the content of other contributors. wikiHow is a user friendly site for writers, editors and anyone who can show you how to do something.

Why Use wikiHow

wikiHow is perfect for contributors to show their authority on how to do something. It’s fun to help others with your knowledge. According to Google Analytics, over 40 million people a month read wikiHow and they are ranked 150th most popular website by Quantcast. wikiHow’s broad reach gives writers the chance to connect with a large audience. Through collaborating with others contributors can build their writing and leadership skills.

You can earn awards, contests and create group projects. Awards are earned by wikiHow awards teams as well as users. They can be given for quality edits, helpfulness and exceptional contributor on wikiHow.

Projects focus on a set of similar articles.  Teams focus on particular tasks within the group. Projects range from the pumpkin project to improve Halloween articles to the formatting project that formats articles.

You can create your own contests or join in contests offered occasionally through wikiHow.

Create an Account          

Begin your journey by creating a free account. Click on the Sign Up button in the upper right of your screen to get started. Fill out the form and click the Create Account button.

2-account for wikihow

User Page

You can add your biography, an image, see the articles you’ve started and more on this page. You can also edit your profile by clicking on the My Profile tab at the top of your account page.

wikiHow Tutorial Continues

This tutorial on wikiHow will conclude in the next post. Stay tuned in and I will see you in the next post.

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