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wikiHow Tutorial 2

Writing For wikiHow Tutorial

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Write an Article

Let’s write an article. Begin by clicking on the blue Write an Article button. In the content box that opens, there are some options to begin your article.

The first section lets you begin writing if you already know what you want to write about. Here you can enter your article’s title and then click Submit. You are taken to the page to begin writing your article. Follow the steps to enter your content in step form. You can enter tips at the bottom of the article. Click on Add image at the top of your article. Then hit the Publish or  Save Draft button.

Note:  If wikHow already has articles on this topic they will give you some titles they think match. If they aren’t a match, check the None of these are duplicates. I am ready to create the article button to get started writing.

The next section is for writers who aren’t sure what they want write about. You enter some keywords into the box and hit submit to get some suggestions on topics you can write about. Choose one of them or do another search. 4-topic_suggestions for wikiHow

The last option box is to publish an article you’ve already written or published on another site. Here you will have to email wikiHow with the URL or file so they can post it.

Writing Tips

You are writing an article for someone who hasn’t done the task before. They are searching for a solution to their how-to problem. You need to make your articles clear, concise and informative.

  • Don’t add the “How-to” in the title since wikiHow does this for you.
  • Don’t number each step. They are already a part of the template.
  • Begin with an action verb.
  • Check for spelling errors to keep the quality of the article high.
  • Fix your grammar mistakes by proofreading.

Featured Article

Featured articles are wikiHow’s way of showcasing the best work submitted. Each day new featured articles are shown on their homepage and in their feeds.  These articles are insightful, reference facts, are detailed in their instructions, use quality images, videos and links. They go the extra mile with more details in the tips, warnings and things you need sections. A featured article shows your authority on your topic

Do more on wikiHow

Other things you can do on wikiHow include answering requests, formatting articles, add videos and patrol recent changes.


Every wiki has a list of any recent changes made to it, including edits. Anyone can become a patroller who are responsible for changing any bad or unhelpful edits back to original. Patrollers can offer one-on-one coaching to wikiHow writers as well.

Read and understand the writer’s guidelines before beginning the editing process. Communicate with editors you have reverted copy from. Use the undo tab instead of rollback if you want to leave the edit summary. Go for quality of patrols reviewed instead of quantity.

In the patrol tips pane, click the edit tips for grammar and spelling. Click on Delete or Publish when you are finished editing.

Answer Requests              

wikHow’s growth has made it hard to find topics to write about. There are still many topics available though. You can find them by using wikiHow’s “Answer a Request” system. This feature allows you to search for potential topics to write about.

You can request to have articles written as well.

To find requests, click on the List Requested Topics page and then choose a category. Here you can see a list of articles to be written. Click on the Write button next to the article you want to answer.

5-article_requests at wikiHow

Edit Article

You can view and edit your own or other contributor’s articles simply by going to the viewing article page, clicking on edit this article in your Things to do box.

You can add images, videos, edit grammar or spelling. Be sure to leave a brief summary of what you edited such as more tips. Don’t be hateful or cruel when editing. Editing should benefit not only the reader but the person who wrote the article as well.

Tips for Success on wikIHow

Get more people to visit your use page by creating an attractive use profile that includes your image, your stats and list of your articles.

Thank other users for their articles and welcome new users.

Be helpful and participate in the forums, editing and sharing quality work.

Write a featured article that will increase your credibility and reputation.

Join a team or project, participate in the forums and discussions.

Promote yourself or your business expertise the right way. Use you brand name or domain name as your wikiHow username.  Write articles that are useful on how to use your product, your service or some part of your website.

wikiHow Tutorial Conclusion

wikiHow is a fun site that allows writers to contribute their own how-to articles and edit other contributors work as well. It’s a place where writers can share their knowledge on the internet, help others learn how to do something and gain respect for their authority on a subject. Easy to navigate, the site is user friendly to beginner to experienced users.


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