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 According to Wikipedia, “Squidoo is a community website platform that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects which interest them, and to use those pages to sell products for profit or charitable donation. The site reportedly had 1.5 million “hand-built lenses” as of October 2010.”

Squidoo is a social media site that allows anyone to build a one page mini site, called a lens, on almost any topic. Lenses are pages that are kind of like flyers or an overview article used to gather and coordinate everything you know about your topic of interest–and puts it all into focus. 2-home

Squidoo is kind of like a blog, sort of like a social site and resembles a wikipedia, but it’s so much more. Squidoo is basically an information site that allows you to create very specific niche lenses that can be used to direct traffic to your blog or website, sell affiliate or your own products and shows how much of an authority you are in your niche

The people or users who create lenses are called “lensmasters”.

Each lens is made up of modules. These modules are simply sections of text, feeds, videos and links to sites such as Amazon or eBay.

Note regarding outgoing links: Squidoo limits the number of links you use to 20 total. This includes any links to images, Amazon products, and eBay.

Why Use Squidoo?

There are several benefits for writers to use Squidoo. One of those is their awards program. This program rewards lensmasters for participating and interacting with others and publishing more lenses. You are rewarded with trophies called SquidMonsters. You receive them for milestones you receive, quests you’ve completed and top quality lenses.

Another benefit is Squidoo’s magazines. These combine top quality lens content on a particular subject with news, editorials and stories integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Squidoo’s many magazines include GoodVeg, So Crafty, Happy Halloween, Celebrate and Cozy. The writer gets exposure along with well-known contributors. Anyone is welcome to submit relevant lenses.

Squidoo Clubs are a way to create lenses monthly or bi-monthly on a specific topic. There are 8 niche clubs including a Book Club, Gardening Club, Food & Cooking Club, Craft Club, Pop Culture Club, Vegetarian Club, the Adventure Club and the 2013 Halloween Club. It’s free to join one or all of them. And you get perks for being a member like trophy badges, chances to win Amazon gift card and a special MonsterBoard featuring quest lenses.

You can earn points for doing good things on Squidoo. Points allow you to move up to the next level. You earn points by participating in and commenting on other great lenses, publishing quality lenses, and completing quests. You earn new opportunities when you level up. You might get new lens themes, a one-time LensRank turboboost or new Quests.

Getting Started On Squidoo

To get started on Squidoo there are two things you need first. First you’ll need an email account. Second you should have a niche with keywords in mind for your first lens. It’s best to focus on one tight aspect of your topic.

Instead of a general lens about scrapbooking, narrow it down to how to make a birth of baby girl scrapbook or how to turn your passion into a virtual scrapbook business.

Using Squidoo Conclusion For This Post

Remember: Stick to one topic and one niche per lens.

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