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Getting Started With Squidoo Tutorial Success Tips


 According to Wikipedia, “Squidoo is a community website platform that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects which interest them, and to use those pages to sell products for profit or charitable donation. The site reportedly had 1.5 million “hand-built lenses” as of October 2010.”

To set up your Squidoo account:

You’ll need your email address to open an account. You can use any email address you want.

Set up your account by going to Squidoo.com and clicking on the“join-us” at the top left-hand corner of the page.


 This will bring you to a screen to fill in. Fill in the required fields and click continue. Agree to the terms for original content by clicking the blue button on the next screen.


After clicking the button you will come to your dashboard screen. It looks like this:


The dashboard is like the home page for all your lenses. It lists all your lenses you’ve created so far as well as stats for each lens. It opens to the Activity screen that shows what is happening that day on Squidoo.

Right now, there isn’t a tab at the top for “my lenses” since you don’t have any lenses. Once you’ve created your first lens you will find it here.

This is also where you will see your Activity, Quests and Comments.

Quests are invitations to create lenses on specific topics. You can receive requests for special club niches or in the community quests.  Quests are a great place for brainstorming lenses. Completing quests can get you seen by HQ. This increases your chances of being featured or getting a purple star.

You’re ready to start creating your first lens.

At the top of your dashboard, click on the start a lens button. This will take you the step 1 page: What my Lens is going to be about?


Fill out the box. This will be the lens title as well as the URL for your lens. Be sure to choose something relevant to your topic and that has the keyword you are targeting.

Click Continue.

Fill in the blanks. Choose the best topic from the drop down list for your lens. 7-lens_title

Click the orange continue button. In step 3 you can enter your keyword for your topic. Your main keyword will already be entered as your lens title. You can keep this or change it. Be sure to enter 3 more relevant keywords for your topic. Fill out the Captcha form and click continue.


Fill out the donation form. This is optional. Click the tick box of your choice then hit continue.

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