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 According to Wikipedia, “Squidoo is a community website platform that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects which interest them, and to use those pages to sell products for profit or charitable donation. The site reportedly had 1.5 million “hand-built lenses” as of October 2010.”

Filling In Your Lens

You should be at the workshop area for the lens you just registered.

You need to fill in the middle of your page with modules. This is the information, images and other things you want the world to see when you publish your lens.

On the right side of the screen, there is a blue button called Workshop Tools. Here is where you will find all of modules you can use to make your lens look really great.

I suggest you use the basic text and Amazon modules start with. You can always add more modules as you grow your lens.

 9-tags on squidoo

 At this point you’ll need to have available:

v  Your original keyword rich content

v  Any affiliate links

v  Links to any of your own products

v  Images to jazz up the lens

Note: You might want to have your Amazon associate or eBay affiliate login info available if you add these modules.

Add at least 3 text modules besides the intro module that already exists. Click on the plus or minus sign next to the modules to add. If you want to add 3 text modules, click he plus sign 3 times and add these to your lens.

Note: Click on the Browse all modules to see more options before adding different types of modules.

Once you have all your modules, you can begin adding content. Click on the edit button and add your content and title. When you’re finished, click the Save button.

You can rearrange the modules as well. You really don’t want to have all your text modules together and all your Amazon modules together. This makes it too hard to read. To rearrange modules, go to the arrange modules box on the right of your screen. Hover and click on the module and move to the position you want it. Click on the apply button when you are done.

Adding Images.

Click on edit in the module you want to add images to. Scroll down to the bottom of the editing box where you can click the browse button and then click upload photo. Once it is upload be sure to save it.

This is a good time to save your lens as well. Click on “save draft” to save it so it’s not public yet. Without all the content and modules added, Squidoo would leave it in the Work-in-Progress queue.

Continue adding modules, images and links to your lens until you have it completed and it looks the way you want. Go ahead and press the Publish button at the top of your dashboard when you are ready. This will make the lens public for everyone to see.

Tips for Success

Join the Rocketsquids for new lensmasters. It’s a private learning section run by the Squidoo team. They use their years of experience on what makes a new lensmasters become great. It’s designed to help you master the basics through lensmaking challenges, daily lessons and getting feedback from Greeters. You also meet many new aspiring writers.

Take advantage of the Squidoo score card. This checklist goes over the things you need to have done on every new lens you create. It looks at the basic elements like the Introductions and high quality content as well as the number of tags, good keyword usage, good Amazon link usage and if you’ve added 5 completed modules that includes unique content. The score card helps you get your lens score to 100 and keep it out of the work-in-Progress state.

Adhere to Squidoo’s link usage policy. No more than a total of 20 links and no more than nine links to any one site.

Your Biography and Profile

One of the things you should edit right away is your profile, photo, and lensmaster bio. You can edit these from the panel on the right side of your workshop page. This is a great place to add credibility to your lenses by using a real picture of you, sharing your real name and including other details that illustrate your expertise. A bio is the perfect opportunity to show your authority on your topic.

 Squidoo Conclusion

Squidoo offers writers another place to showcase your writing expertise and authority on your subject. Easy and fun to set up, lenses are part blog, part wikiPedia and part social media offering lensmasters a way to get traffic to your blog or product and exposure to your writing through Squidoo’s vast reach

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